Pimp Max Daddy Freestyle

The Little Brown Truck brought this by:


I suspect Max had some hand in the wrap-job: removing the beauty from it’s husk of tape, foam and tube socks was an exercise in tartaric frustration…


finally gave into the 20" eh?

… that at times over-taxed my limited intelect…


… at least I got some clean socks out of it.


Cut-down aluminium cranks that promise to be ‘Max Proof’…


… and thanx to some handy work with a center punch, idiot proof.


48 spokes of perfection… thanx for not trapping the valve, Max.

Great job Carroll- first cycle I’ve needed a carrying case for, thank you! I’ll post a follow up when I paint it.



Sir, do you mean something lude by that?

I had a magical epiphany at NAUCC riding Tommy’s Chrome Princess 22. Cal. Max Daddy- and just had to have one.


Ahh… spell-checker-magic transforms tantric into tartaric





Dude! You gotta come up the river and play with us - SOON! Congrats on the Max Daddy ride!!! You think that you love it now… Well, after you play with it for a while you’ll love it more than anybody should love anything that is not related by birth.