Pilot for a TV series + Contest

(posted this over in Uni vids as well, figured it was worth a post here too)

Hey guys,

I havent posted much in awhile, but i got in contact with a few local filmmakers and they put together this pilot for a TV series contest.

Lots of different types of sports, i really hope it gets picked up. if it does then there will be an entire episode on unicycling.

Big ups to Nigel and Tom!

Great job with your camera work as usual.

great! fingers crossed it will get picked

would love to ride trails like those some time … (-:

just want to make it clear that i only rode and helped produce a bit. I really just rode for these guys.

Looks like they need some better winter sports athletes. I will volunteer if they need a telemarker or two (I have friends) :sunglasses: . Nice uni riding though, very smooth and fluid.

I hope they get picked, I would watch that show.:smiley:

Looks awesome, eh? Liked the shot with the camera on the Ski-pole(?). Nice idea.