Pilot for a TV series + Contest

Hey guys,

I havent posted much in awhile, but i got in contact with a few local filmmakers and they put together this pilot for a TV series contest.

Lots of different types of sports, i really hope it gets picked up. if it does then there will be an entire episode on unicycling.

big ups to Nigel and Tom.


That was cool - good promotion for the sport as well :smiley: I’d be interested in seeing the unicycle episode when/if it comes out :wink:

Cool video :)! Gl with the contest!

now that is TV! i hope it gets selected by a half decent station for broadcast :slight_smile: goodluck

You must win the contest !
Nice serie !

Nice job on the railing at 1:06. That was pretty fast!
Mt Seymour?

yup, seymour! best trails in the world.