Pile (it) Up! Trick Game!

Hey, after hearing Sam (agentq)'s games hes made, stack it up, and back it up. I thought of somethign that should be done. The pile (it) up game! Okay, the rules are simple, you must copy every trick done on film for the thread, in a trick. You just keep piling the tricks up into one central trick.

Person A: 180 unispin
Person B: 180 Unispin with crankflip
person C: 180 unispins with crankflip body varial
etc etc.

Pretty simple. Go at it, i suck at street.

Just keep going, if someone fails, the next person in line has to tackle it WHILE adding a DIFFERENT trick to the mix. (i’m considering unispin ammounts different tricks, 180 is diff from 360, add them and get a 540)

Person A: 180 unispin
Person B: Hickflip
person C: varialflip

like that? or like this

Person A: 180 unispin
Person B: 180 unispin and then a crankflip
Person C: 180 unispin, crankflip, and then body varial


I spoke to him on aim - he means the first one.

Otherwise it would be exactly the same as stack it up.

i mean, you just keep piling tricks up on top of the trick. the last part. You do the tricks AT THE SAME TIME. like, person C (hypothetically and as a scape goat) does a 180 unispin, while doing a crankflip, while doing a body varial.

sorry, i’m street impared, so whatever that makes, thats what scape goat person C does. Can be done with other tricks, i’m just using those as examples.

hope that makes it clear. It is NOT the same as Stack it up, or Back it up

You kind of will get stuck at some point… what then?
Person C: Varialflip
Person D: Varial doubleflip?
Person E: Varial doubleflip plant?

I like the Idea but what happens when you get stuck, or can it be a flat/street game

Person C: Varialflip
Person D: Rolling wrap to varialflip

those will be incredibly short rounds

uh… I wasnt thinking rounds. I was more thinking one HUGE game, where someone ends up doing like 50 tricks at once. If you cant complete the trick, you lose, you MUST complete it WITH another trick, then you win that part, and someone else steps up and completes YOUR line of tricks, but now adding THEIR trick to it, so it would go like 3 tricks at once, then 4, then 5.

Call Dibs on the trick also, so we dont have confusion. If you dont have the video of the trick thingy for 48 hours after calling dibs, and not resigning your dibs within that time, you lose your turn, and goes to next person who stands up.

We can start a different round when no one steps up for 7 days

I hate to be a downer, but that seems almost impossible.

The most complicated trick I have seen done was a trey-side-doubleflip

DAYS, not tricks lol.

I was responding to your “50 tricks at a time” statement.

how the heck are you supposed to do so many tricks at a time…
what else are you going to do to a full varial flip…which is only three

Rather than questioning so many things in what seems to be an angry fashion, either parttake in the game, or not. No need to get any more technical than the game already is.

When no one can add to a trick, start a new game… that simple.

idk, heres a scape goat trick that i made -

1440’th varialflip (540 crankflip and 900 unispin) to one footed sideways wheelwalk, with a 720 spin, and jumping off, doing a 540 body spin, landing on the tire with the seat behind you, doing that coolish spin.

I’m gonna film tomorrow morning, and do the starting trick i think. So, Dibs on the starter

i did one of those…o wait i woke up shortly after

i think hat you getting at would be a street/flat line…not all one trick

no. The tricks must all be done at the same time. SAME TIME. i mean, the landing can be different almost like a combo or something, like ww into the trick, or ww out. WW in and WW out are the only things that CAN be done ‘outside’ of the trick, not done at the same time as the whole trick. But, i basically want people do be doing HUGE trick, a pileup of tricks.

Basically the game won’t go past round four, unless footplants are done.

It would get to round 4 maybe on a few combos…but most would stop at 3 I’d guess
Foot plants would be a good idea though, that could be cool

So once you’ve done each spin with a crankflip you do it with a body varial the same direction as the uni? Well this is just gonna end when people get up to huge spins coz no-one can huge flip (I don’t think). But I doubt anyone who can huge spin will bother competing.

EDIT: After reading a bit more you can do anything related with the trick?

So an example would be someone would start with a 180 unispin then someone else could do a out spin then I could do a varial then someone else does a varial flip or inward varial?

I believe that is correct… But im not sure if he means that you would add up the unispins… Adding them up would be rediculous in the sense that:

The outspin would be a full outspin, then the varial would be a huge varial, then that would turn into a 720 flip, or inward 720.

I personally think that spins should only be added if they are unispins alone, rather than varials, and if they exeed 540, then it should stop at 540, and if someone can do a 720, then they may do so, winning the round.

Just some of my input.

Im off to bed.


Haha, you guys make things so complicated.