Piggyback fun!

Been working on this lately. Finally managed to start without holding onto someone (before, getting up to speed was pretty hard.)
The first girl practically weighs less than my backpack… 90 something pounds.

Diggin’ the tee-shirts!

I have tried this daring move before, and not yet have I not fallen and almost killed my self lol

I haven’t tried either, but I’ve heard it’s easier to do with the person sitting on your shoulders. probably just because that way you’re not as wide, and so you can balance better, or something…
pretty awesome all the same, though, especially the shirts. :smiley:

I used to put my kids on my shoulders, freemount, and then ride around the neighborhood with them. Their mother loved that. They certainly didn’t weigh any 90 pounds at that time. That would be quite a challenge for me now.

Good way to meet girls…and get them to ride on your back.

I haven’t gotten the courage to try this yet risking someone else’s health, but I have ridden on another man’s shoulders on a uni before. He told me it was a lot easier that way, but I don’t find this way difficult at all, and I’m not sure the added risk is worth it…until I get a video camera. :smiley: