Here are some early pictures of my course. I haven’t done anything yet, just gathered some stuff.


Nice potential.

Here’s a very nice backyard setup by Billham.

Good luck, have fun, post the progress!!


where did you get the big circle things i need some for my trials corse

Abnormally cool course.

One of these days I am going to convice my parents to let me have some sort of course in our backyard… In the meantime, it’s what I find.

yah we just convinced our parrents to let us use the back pattio and so far all we have is 14 pallets and some assorte wood

but would love to have one of thoes circle things for it

Wow, I was gonna say, those are some large gaps.

The circle thingys are spools used to wind large amounts of rope or more often wire. You may be able to score a fewy if you ask nicely at a local municipal electricity maitainence yard.

Ok thanks I will try to get some.