did they actualy make it so you cant put a pic under your signature i was wondering why it wasnt working?

Re: pictures

Wow, I hadn’t noticed that!! Thanks for pointing it out to me, and the rest of the forum who hadn’t figured that out yet!!!

I would like to see larger avatars allowed. The current size avatar is tiny and leaves a lot of whitespace around the avatar.

I expect unicyclist avatars would look even cooler with more details.

Yeah, these ones are way too small. They should be 100x100 instead of 60x60.
Even though mine is totally awesome, and I’ll keep it even if he allows something larger.

I hear the avatar size might increase when the system is revamped.

at least its not like it once was…about 3 years ago it was 50x50 and i asked Sir Gilbus if we could increase it at least to 60x60. he did and that was that last time he ever did me any favors.

we’ll see what the future brings.

This topic is better suited for the “Just Conversation” forum. I could tell you how to get rid of the excess white around your avatar, but that would be way off topic for the RSU forum.