Pictures Please !

Harper, and everyone else…

As requested… more powder coating pictures. Here they are…

Also includes the new Bedford All-Alumium Ultimate Wheel

New price list next week. Will include many new items including powder
Lower pricing on many parts, wheel sets and complete unicycles as well.


Thanks for the photos, Darren. Those are great color schemes.

yummmmmm, wished I knew about those rims and hubs when I ordered my mandrin orange MUni… which should be here this week for sure…


yummm indeed.
I think i’ll get Darren to powder coat me a frame in black and then get some little flames air brushed onto the frame (about 5 inches high) just above the main caps.

mmmm the only problem is that it might be so pretty that i wouldn’t want to scratch it. maybe it’ll have to be a completely new frame and use my old one when there’s a chance for sratching, wait that’s all the time :smiley: oh well



About those Bedford unis and frames and other assorted parts:
I have two words for you >>> cool-ness.


Two words. Did ya catch that? I’m soooooo funny. :smiley:

You mean like Tommy’s?

Check out


Ya -that’s the boat Tommy is in; I breathed on it hard one time, and he screamed like a girl. Sure is sweet, though.