Pictures of your latest ride

Wow. Very cool 36er. Is that last picture a mount or a dismount or do you ride that way…? Nice shot!

Thats a 29er :wink:

oops. duh. cool anyhow.

Spaceballs reference.

nice V frame turtle!!

heres a pic from a couple of weeks ago walking my friends dog.

and a still from the vid i made yesterday…

I guess he’s doing some hand gliding there. Ouch :astonished:

Ideally, it’d be neither. You’d put your feet back on the pedals and continue riding. Although to learn you start & end w/ your feet on the ground.

Tutorial: not in English, but I think it’s not hard to figure out

Here are a few from the Porcupine Rim Trail during Moab Munifest this past weekend.

Nice! But where are the pics of you actually doing that drop?

I would have done it if I had my elbow pads…and a parachute.


jeeeeeeah. stunned.

Damn I’m jealous! I love rides where there is lots of exposure like when I rode up on the Continental Divide. I’m going to make it out there soon darn it!

This morning on a 13 mile MUni at Sullivan Canyon. It’s a tad over-exposed don’t ya think? Not sure why that happened, but it’s an interesting look. I also met up with THREE other MUni riders I haven’t seen in a while, so that was cool! :smiley:

First ride on my brand new KH 36":

(Picture doesn’t show the realy steep descent, but it does show the nice scenery around it:) )

Muni in Heaven! :slight_smile:

Muni in Heaven!:slight_smile:

Yay wipeouts!

Sheesh, you sure don’t look like a geezer.

3hour ride with marc, lot of technical downhill, thats way i choose the 24" and not turtle’s V. i tried an other setup on the 24", i like it a lot…