Pictures of your latest ride

Here are a couple shots from the San Francisco Uni Tour from a couple weeks ago.

AJ took the first one. Zoom Zoom!

Rob took the second one. Waiting for the stop light in downtown.

Thanks guys. What a great ride.


I rode by Newport Dunes this afternoon about 4 PM and did not see you! :slight_smile:

Single trackin on the 36’er, loved it. Sunny day turned to rain, the track slicked up, perfect time to crank a few turns… but I sort of forgot how much higher you sit on a 36’er!

Some grabs from the GoPro - cranking a turn and eating trees :stuck_out_tongue:

Pic 1: minimalist architecture
Pic 2: Tradsmans entrance

My latest ride. 6 miles, near my city: Burgos (Spain)

Cool, man!

I decided to take the opportunity to go muniing in Switzerland since I was already there for a fantastic concert of medeski, martin & wood in Zürich.
So I drove to Grindelwald after the concert yesterday night and had a very cold and short night in my unheated VW van.
When I saw things by daylight I realised it had snowed on the mountains that I was going to ride on. Thank God I found a nice hiking trail that stayed right below the snowy area for most of the tour. The weather was not spectacular but I definitely had some fun there.
Here are some pictures:






Fantastic pictures muni rocks- I love your muni to!

Is the mountain in the second pic the Eiger?

Yes, or at least the 5th picture. At Unicon XIII we did a MUni group ride from Grindelwald. Not the trail pictured, but the same area. It was epic! One of my favorite MUni rides ever, if not #1, even though I walked a large portion of it. This album has my pictures from that amazing day.

Thanks Sam, I love my muni(s) too! No wonder it is in the foreground on most of the pictures:).

Yes, that’s the Eiger north face.
And on pic 4 Mettenberg and Eiger. There were such nice views throughout the entire ride. Have you been there before?
Edit: @John: Pic 5 is actually the Wetterhorn, which is to the left of Mettenberg. It’s taken from the spot where the first cable car in the world used to have its bottom station. The building on the mountain is the ruin of the upper station.

Pics from Switzerland are a very hard act to follow, but my local views aren’t too bad, either. From my after-work ride yesterday:

uni - 2010-09-28 Mt Jumbo (sm).bmp (1.37 MB)

uni - 2010-09-28_pedal bite(sm).bmp (547 KB)

That’s going to sting a bit.

Ahh yes, I have one of those from when I was learning… Not anything like a pic of my latest ride but hey.

wow how did it go al the way down your leg. my injuries all look like unishark’s

Finally … got out for a proper MUni roll …
I really love the piney woods and riding in them is just terrific!!!

Munirocks … stunning trail… the Eiger … WOW!

When I was 12 years old my family vacationed there. We took the train to Jungfraujoch, and then hiked across to Mönch. I have climbed and read a lot about climbing too, so I know the shape of the famous Eiger north wall.

Um, yeah.
Funny part is that this is really my first true pedal bite. Just had an unfortunate slip freemounting on an uphill section, after the first UPD of the ride. Never hitting myself this way when I’m wearing shin guards, I stopped wearing them all the time.

Pictures of your latest injury

From a ride in the Bunyip State Forest:

Lace monitor:

My knee, five days later:

Well it got me once then as I fell over on it it then got me again…

I can’t really remember back that far though now. The scars are fading a bit but still there.

The best one is the one on my back where I fell on a load of rocks. I don’t remember it ever bleeding though. :thinking: