Pictures of your latest ride

Not sure if this counts…

This picture was drawn by my daughter Rebekah (9), and given to me on Father’s Day.

We often go for ‘bike’ rides together as a family, with me on the unicycle - the kids enjoy the attention more than I do! The problem is they are a bit bigger this summer and I can’t keep up any more - time to save up for a 36er :wink:

@jimbo41: I’m sure it counts. Anyway it is literally a picture… and about the latest ride part, there were many deviations here already.
I like this picture very much - I feel happines out of it :slight_smile:

This picture was drawn by my daughter Rebekah (9), and given to me on Father’s Day.

That’s a very nice picture, we could do with more art work on this website.

It’s not exactly done, but here, I drew Tim Desmet during my boring tech class :stuck_out_tongue: :

haha thats really good! thats what i used to do in art class. I’m pretty sure my art teacher was smoking something before class erveryday because she was ooouuuuutttttt tttttthhhhhheeeeerrrrreee :stuck_out_tongue:

Me: Mrs._____ can you please come help me choose a medium?
Mrs.: of course Jon one second
40minutes later
__: okay class we’re watching a very intrugueing film on why man creates…feel free to express yourselves about your thots as we’re going to be a doing a reflection on it later
Me: mrs_____, i thought you were going to help me
Mrs_____: Jon, your late! where havce you been for the 40 minutes of class?
ME: here
mrs___:no go get a late slip
me: i talked to you like just 40 minutes ago
mrs____: no go get a late slip

muni ride and hinking yesterday late afternoon with julia (800 vertical meters uphill and 2000m downhill):

I’m just wondering how long it would take to retrieve your uni after UPDing on that path.

Providing of course you managed to stay on the path after said UPD.

Flat fix

Field flat repair of 36er with a 29er tube. Flatted four miles from start of 70 plus mile ride over Chinook Pass, Enumclaw to Whistlin’ Jack Lodge.

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Penguin Giraffe

I put together a short video showing of my Penguin Giraffe – the one that showed up in some pictures a month or so ago. It’s up on youtube at:

I’ve also attached a photo of my daughter and I riding into the sunset in the park we filmed it at, near our house. She’s on the Penguin and I’m on a boring old 5’ giraffe.

I borrowed the Penguin definition used in the video from somebody on this thread – thanks. I’m going to take the Penguin to NAUCC and I’m thinking about doing the marathon or 10 km rides on it.

P1010125 cropped.JPG

I thought this was quite nice! :D, nice days ride in whitley bay with Emily and Ryan :slight_smile:

thats crazy high alister!!! :astonished: how are you getting so good so fast :stuck_out_tongue: :astonished: did you make that?

I used 2 camcorders and a digi cam. these are only a fraction of what was happening just on the unicycle end of D-Day, a festive day that Diesel bikes hosts at the ball field at Lynnfield. many are not represented here (in photos) and hopefully we’ll have a short vid to post. Lots of fun had by all! We were down 4 riders and still had a real good turn out.


haha, yeah, i made it! :smiley:
It looks higher in that photo i think but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:
I’ve just been riding a ton lately that’s all!

Sunnyside Loop - Aspen, Colorado

20 mile ride, 16 miles dirt - 2 trak and single trak
single trak is world class with world class exposure and views
3,488’ ascending+ 3,488’ descending
4 hour ride
door to door ride
:):):):)+ out of 5

1st pic half way through single trak
2nd pic three ski area view- left to right aspen mtn, aspen highlands, buttermilk/tiehak
3rd pic immersed in pure Rocky Mountain heaven

Chinook Pass

70 plus mile ride over Chinook Pass on Saturday. Expresso in Enumclaw. Lunch at the Rainier View Point. Dinner at Whistlin’ Jack Lodge. One flat four miles out.

You should have been along! Over 43 miles of climbing to the summit and 30 miles down the other side in great weather.

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Up & down Snowdon.

Rode & hiked up the miners track and rode down the Llanberris pass (actually it started to get so crowded I went off the track and made my own way down…naughty but nice).

@splonge: looks like a nice ride!

Nice Splodge. Interesting how low the water level looks in that second photo. This is how it looked a year ago!

Checking my horoscope old school

Working near The Dalles last week. Watching the old technology get displaced by the new.

Does this count as a picture of my latest ride? 20 miles yesturday. That’s alot for me. It was mostly Knoxville Greenways.