Pictures of your latest ride

They slid down the hill from Colorado :stuck_out_tongue:

My latest rides

Pic 1: There are a few dozen penny farthings at this place.
Pic 2: My teddy bear ears are actually pivoting headphones. Good for hearing herons creep up on you ( just to the right in the picture) :slight_smile:



Did you talk them into giving you a free tea?

Haha I see why you said that. I just noticed the sign on the left offering free tea to PF riders! Alas no, I made an impression but I was still a mono wheel :slight_smile:

First muni this year at last :slight_smile:
One wheel too much in a group but still great ride :slight_smile:


Starting friday, into yesterday, I competed in the Powderhorn 24, a community checkpoint race with about 275 bikers and 12 uni riders racing around south Minneapolis. Team “All Wheel Drive” (Scott Wilton, Dan Hansen, Me, Dave Krack) before the race, and Scott coming in fast finishing a lap mid afternoon. We managed 62 laps, for a little over 300 miles even though Dan had to be MIA for about ten hours on saturday.

Also included is some of the street art the organizers painted on the road for the event.




Here is The Beast posing in front of the entrance to the now defunct Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital on County Road 520 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Needless to say it had a shady reputation and since its closing legends have arisen about it and its grounds. It is at about the halfway point on a 17 mile ride I did today along a route I’ve been wanting to try. My new Camelbak Lobo has made such long solo rides very doable.


Melburn Roobaix

It was the Melburn Roobaix ride down here yesterday. This is a social “event” run by Fyxomatosis that is loosely based on the Spring Classics. This year it involved 2012 riders (plus a bunch of tag alongs), 40km of riding, 12 pave sections (on the bluestone cobbled alleyways) and most importantly 4 unicyclist (Matt, Sam, Sam and me) and one support crew (Michelle).

Event link:

Here are some photos from the event that we took and some I found on Facebook.




Excellent, looks great. Nice going team!

Nice ride JJuggle, talk to a few of the patients? Camelbacks are the best.

Thats sweet, I like the guys expression on pic 1. Great fun, nice going.

Haven’t yet found a pic of me on the ride - anyway I was an interloper and only did one lap, most of which I ran.

Here’s a pic of Roger from UDC UK at about 3pm when it was starting to dry up (before the worst bit of the course)

…and a pic of Ben (? I think I’ve got your name right - apologies if not) right at the end

and here’s a pic of my uni afterwards, which is actually pretty clean compared to some of the others at that stage, as it had been raining solidly for an hour by the time I finished my lap and the mud had turned to soup


Found a few more, but not sure if I’m allowed to hotlink these




Here’s some more (got permission to hotlink now)

From photos. Pictures from a muddy Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 2012. Pictures by Ed Rollason.

Mountain Mayheim

All that money spent saving weight seems a little wasted now??? :smiley:

More Pipeline…

Hats off to you mud-riders for sticking with it…

Here in Utah it’s dry, dry, dry, and wildfire season. The smoke in Salt Lake was pretty bad on Friday, but the winds shifted on Saturday and things cleared up quickly. So, I hit the Pipeline Trail again on Sunday, and started with my first ride of the season on the upper part: Elbow Fork to Burch Hollow (after riding 1.4 miles [2.25 km] up the road), followed by an out-and-back to the top of Rattlesnake Gulch, and back up the road to the car from Burch Hollow. The total ride ended up being about 13 miles, or 21 km.

The upper part of the Pipeline has long stretches of shady, cool, straight, smooth, single-track interrupted by a few cliff areas and “hollows” with “dipsy-doodles,” and ending in some rough downhill and a series of about 6 switchbacks down to Burch Hollow.

The conditions were perfect. It ended up being a wonderful morning ride, highlighted by my bumping into three different trail runner friends I know from years past in three different groups. (I keep trying to convince these guys they need to start riding Muni!)

Here are a few self-timer shots that I’ve pieced together in a series.

And yes, we do have trees in Utah – quite a few in the various mountain ranges throughout the state and in the National Forests, like this one about 5 miles from my home.





To be fair, the worst mud I’ve ever ridden a bike in was in Utah, in August!

Hey there,
as mentioned here I’ve been in Rome for 2 weeks a few time ago.
Now I’ve uploaded my pictures.

You can find them in my Picasa web album. :slight_smile:

wow great pics :smiley:

… Wow. I wish I could ride in mud like that, but just occationally. That looks like a wonderful event.