Pictures of your latest ride

First ride with my new pedals (Echo TR, from Sponge’s sale). I quite like them, although they seriously need more grip - I think I’ll have to sharpen the pins up a bit with a file or something. After using DMR V8s and MG1s the Echos feel almost dangerously slippery to me - my feet were moving about all over the place on rocky descents. I’m sure it can be fixed though - other than that they’re nice pedals, and they certainly look cool.

Not a particularly remarkable ride, but I thought the purple pedals against the Dartmoor greenery made for an interesting picture.


Oh now I wish I had got some…

Those pedals are so cool :slight_smile:

National Cycle Route 8 - time for an ‘arty’ photo, otherwise know as a bad photo :slight_smile: Swopped out the KH Freeride for the Nimbus as I was having some trouble getting used to the Freeride. I think the Nimbus suits me more as it has a slightly more curved top that ‘fits’ me better. For me it felt I was sitting ‘on’ the Freeride - but I seem to sit ‘in’ the Numbus. Subtle, very subtle :roll_eyes:

And then we have the very subtle difference between Nimbus and numbus …

Hey, first time I got quoted in a signature in the international forum (it already happened to me in the German part) :slight_smile:

2010 Seattle To Portland

In the first picture I was talking to Bruce Dawson after crossing into Oregon after 153 miles.
Second and third pictures are of Straightarrow at the finish Sunday evening.

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Best picture ever! It makes me miss the non-paved outdoors.
I want to leave the city asap!

sorry @rob.northcott

I obviously don’t know how to use the forum. :wink:

Good to see you could still manage a smile after all that.

Osmundo, that pict is quite a contrast to what was actually my latest ride, 2hrs of sun and heat and sweat in a 24mi race in Butler PA. I cramped up on the last lap…makes that snow look inviting!


Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:
It’s certainly very green round here - biggest problem is stopping moss and algae growing on things that we DON’T want going green!


I love this thread I always want to ride after looking at people’s pictures.

I’ve got one. Ok fine, it was a photo-op, but I rode there!

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Last one, promise: - lots of videos already, subscribe please :slight_smile:

That’s the exact reason I don’t like it. Chafing is bad because I sink into the saddle, and the nose up makes it worse. The pressure from the soft foam doesn’t help, the weight is distributed to the wrong . . . . parts. The naomi feels the best if I’m riding with a handlebar, but I have the KH street on now for around campus with no handle.

I think all of them are too wide, but I guess for a 36er if they didn’t push your legs off to the side, you’d hit the tire with your knees quite a bit. I like more q factor simply so I get less irritated by the saddle.

. . . plus the nimbus has no trench : P and the gel can’t be easily modified. There’s a reason that leather bike saddles are so awesome though, and they’re like a stiff springboard with no padding. Just sittin’ here waiting on a Brooks unicycle saddle. . . . I’ll be waiting a looooooooooooong time : (

Its a bad picture… but its IN BRAZIL!!!

Really fun MUni ride today from Moonlight Flat to Expedition Pass and back.

Like ships passing in the night:

This is from the Cornish settler village of Fryerstown.

I rode by the Garfield waterwheel remains earlier in the day, through to Fryerstown and Vaughn Springs. Awesome singletrack:)

classic Matt!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My KH20 just wanted a short rest and jumped into a window… :astonished:
Keeps hanging around there since!:smiley:

Unicycling God’s Window

Here is a pic of me recently uniing at God’s Window, South Africa

Gentle XC.