Pictures of your latest ride

Terry, your 29 looks so clean and pristine. Mine is all scarred up - probably from me learning how to ride muni on it :smiley:

That pic was taken before I gave it a full ride. Now it’s all muddy and broken in, good 'n proper…and after only three rides with it! :smiley:

Hey Terry, how are you enjoying 29"er Muni. :smiley:

Lovely spring evening ride in the Trent valley yesterday.

It’s my current favorite! I find myself in disbelief at the speed and smoothness on the trail! Plus it can handle the rough terrain surprisingly well. :smiley:

There’s another 29er tire I want to try, called the “dissent” by WTB. It’s 2.5 wide, apparently the beefiest, widest 29er DH tire on the market. Only negative is that it weighs a whopping 1450 gram = 3.196 pounds! The standard tire that comes with the kh 29er, the 2.3 wide WTB Stout, is a total lightweight by comparison at 863 gram = 1.9 pounds.

One reason the Stout is so much lighter, is the fact that is is a “folding bead” tire. it has a MUCH weaker sidewall vs the heaver, non-folding bead dissent. Still may be worth a try, especially if I’m going to be doing drops. :slight_smile:

Here is a quote I found about FB tires vs wire bead tires:

"I race pro downhill, on a course that is smooth and fast I will run a folding bead single ply side wall. On Dh courses with sharp rough rocks, a dual ply wire bead tire is needed.

For general XC/Road riding folding is the ticket, its a great way to save rotating weight.
Many brands make wire and folding in the same tread pattern."

9-set stair jump…on my 29er!

I must be crazy! (Or 54 going on 15!) I’ve only done this 9-stair jump once, on my 19" trials–and that was scary enough–but today I tried the same jump on my new 29er! Totally forgot to wear my helmet! :astonished:

The video can be seen here

Your neighbors must think you’re crazy!:smiley: I wouldn’t even consider that on my 29" :astonished:

Sure beats sitting around watching tv (unless family guy, haha) or drinking booze or taking drugs to get high…this is my way of getting naturally high! :D:):o (even though it’s probably a tad dangerous for an old guy!)

Yeah, Tv can be less painful than muni, but i’d rather be on the trail instead.:slight_smile:

Word. haha, do they still say that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Minnesota Last Week

Quiet corn fields and windmills. I did a 35 mile ride last Sunday and kept a good clip going (11 MPH) on shorter cranks. I would have gone a little faster but it was windy…maybe someone should turn those big fans off : )

At least you stayed nice and cool with all those windmills:

Here is my 6 year old daughter starting to learn. We’ll she if she does it. I would put her interest level at medium-low. Her big motivation is to learn so she can ride in the Christmas parade with her daddy.

Awesome 11 mile MUni at San Juan trail today! Scott, Jim, Me, & Jeff (In first pic) were there for the epic ride, and man does this trail work ya! Throwing pretty much every type of terrain at you, and although it’s a DH ride, there was a LOT of climbing for the first 5-6 miles. The last 2 miles was nearly a dozen of the tightest switchbacks I’ve ever seen! Tons of mtbers on the trail getting a big kick out of us one-wheelers! A good time was had by all. :smiley:

(Although I’m pictured below with my 29er, I decided to go with the flow and ride my trusty 24 MUni. Jeff, on the far right rode his Hunter 26er; it looks almost the same size as my 29er, but it’s not. Just looks that was in the pic, lol.)

-My Anti-Drug

Great pictures as always.
I see you got a bit of air in most of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, is that a BIKE!? I see in the last photo?

No, it’s a b*ke.

Hottest day of the year.
Went for a ride through Pembrey Country Park and after five or six miles I cut back onto the beach.
Not a cloud in the sky and not a soul in sight.

Here’s the 29 resting against the ribs of an ancient shipwreck.
The locals were buggers for luring ships onto the sand which they’d then loot.
You can just see the Gower peninsula in the background.
Days just don’t get better than this.

Yeah that pic was taken at “Cocktail rock”. It’s about 6 miles in and a popular spot for mtbers to gather and take breaks. There were more than a dozen there at the time of the pic.

A few battle scars from yesterday. First I’ve had in a while, but with so much loose gravel in deep, narrow rutted sections, it was inevitable that my tire would slide out from under me, or a pedal strike…both of which happened, on several occasions. Too fast, too aggressive? Hells yeah! I say DTC! :D:p:o