Pictures of your latest ride

Looks like that surfer caught himself I nice wave!
Are the waves usually like that in california?

The waves have been unusually HUGE and with excellent shape as well! I want to get out there for some body surfing!

I haven’t taken any nice pics recently, but my 4yo Alice saw me out in the snow the other day and drew a picture of me. So it is a picture OF my latest ride, if not actually FROM my latest ride :slight_smile:


dude, that’s an awesome way to lace spokes x^D

Is that a belly button?

Vidcaps from Saturday’s ride in Santa Barbara. :smiley:

That is a fantastic picture! Even if you hadn’t said it was of you, I would have recognised you instantly from the drawing (Only using purple and black pens is a dead give away!)


Love the drawing! It makes the rest of this thread seem quite unimaginative.

Yes, that’s apparently my “tummy”. The black blob is the saddle, with pedals near the top (giraffe fashion, although AFAIK Alice has never seen a giraffe uni, and this picture was of me on my muni…). My legs start from the neck, go round the “tummy” and onto the pedals, of course!

No wonder I get funny looks when I’m out looking like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I went out again today and I think I got a couple of decent snowy pictures out on the moor. If they’re any good I’ll post a couple later.


Alice must really love you. I do believe there is a kiss chasing after you. It’s floating just above your right arm, making a bee-line for your cheek.

@MuniAddict: nice pictures !!! :slight_smile:

Yah I really want to be surfing right now, but it is way to cold! Be nice if I had a wetsuite.:slight_smile:

Nice pics guys. love your daughters drawing Rob!

Some of my snaps from yesterday’s quick loop around home came out pretty well, so here are a few of them. Snow certainly makes familiar views very different. This time it’s actually stayed cold long enough for the snow to be nice and dry and powdery, instead of the usual British half slush half ice stuff. It’s blown around a lot in the wind - some bits of ground are almost bare while others are 5’ deep. I reckon we had about 6-8" if it had been evenly spread.


XC on Snow?

I’m with you, Got to get to Huntington. But here’s today’s after work ride on “The Loop” in Fullerton, Ca. Starts right by me and follows the oil field out and around back home, about 15mi.

todaysride 001.jpg

Nice pictures in here everybody!!!

We had a heat wave here in Minnesota … got up to 19º today … out of the sub 0º temperatures.
Fun riding the 29er in snow and ice. Good to be back.

Shug uni.bmp (1.12 MB)

29er.bmp (1.05 MB)

I really like that one!

Rob, I don’t think you could take a better picture if you tried.

Thanks - it was just a print of the unicycle in a snow drift, but the low sun made it look quite weird. I did cheat a bit and enhance the contrast slightly as well, but not much.

Er - thanks… I think.


a little uni training for lunch: 600vertical meters uphill and the same down, all onroad (with a little snow on it…)

Nice icicles! And the uniwash sign is quite funny :slight_smile: