Pictures of your latest ride

A short video of life on the 29er.

Going back out later this week on the 36… friend wants a video of me dying I guess. : P

a little sandy, but mostly nice and smooth.

:smiley: nice vid.
Nah, on that trail totally doable on the 36er because of the smoothness which the 36er really enjoys. Just keep the seat low so your whole body can act as a shock absorber. Actually not too dramatic from the 29er. Just hopping on the 36er takes lot more effort because of weight.

Single track on south coast of NSW today. Birds singing, gentle breeze, golden sunshine (in the morning this might’ve been the afternoon).

Nice small detour on the way to work as the quarry I’m passing is now full of blossom trees.

I’ll definitely give it a shot. I’ve got some cheap 170s laying around that I got on sale for just such the occasion. I have tried to ride it on rougher stuff before but it… uhh… didn’t work out : )

seems to be all about just carrying that momentum on the rolling hills. If that’s the case I would think the 36er would be great, I’m just used to having that saddle as far up as it can go and riding the 125s.

First muni ride this season! There was still some fresh snow and mud at parts but it was still a blast!

Running City Moscow 2015

We participated in the urban orienteering competition “Running City Moscow 2015”

Enjoying a refreshing beverage with friends after a long ride! :smiley:

Uni buddies from left to right: Bertha, Orca, Slim Jim, Foxy. (The others are “hanging around” just out of view.)

Ha, ha. Great photo Terry. They’re a thirsty looking bunch. :slight_smile:

Someone else with a Uni named Bertha! Nice. That’s the name of my KH36er. :slight_smile:

Haha yeah, I had originally named the Oregon “Fatty” since I put on the 4" wide On-One tire.

Had a mild inner tube failure on my 36er today. Guess I won’t have any pictures of my latest ride for a few days! :frowning:

Some pics from our Nepal tour…

Just another ride on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a great place to ride. Lots of scenery.

Hey that looks similar to a bar in Bali.

Hey that looks similar to a bar in Bali.

Great photo Vertigo. That bar is UNIque :smiley:

Was that the Unipal Tour? That must’ve been great. How did you find unicycling at altitude? Any word where next year’s Adventure Unicyclist tour will be?

The pics from Nepal are from UNIPAL.
Yes that was fantastic!
We’ve been Unable to di the high mountain pass due to bad weatheer conditions. We arrived at 4000, then it started snowing, so we had to come bdown from the samt side of the mountain.
But, you know, the weather and the Mountain must be respected.
Riding at altitude was fun, we simply had to drink a lot of water, gain Max 500 meters every day. I especially felt better day after day.
One of us suffered from very bad high altitude problems (pulmonary edema and cerebral edema) so the sherpas had to carry him down, in the night and under the snow… But the following day he recovered 100%!

Next tour will be… Well, there are some rumors… But nothing sure,yet.

Now I’m editing the video, even if my heart is crying for the poor nepali people…

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