Pictures of your latest ride continued

BigBlue was thoroughly unimpressed, non-whelmed, and truthfully disappointed. She asked me “Why? There’s not enough green. Can we go back to the trails?”

Found out Blue does not like giant parking lots.

Edit: I made her cry real bad when I took her on the ‘trail’.
“It’s a giant drainage ditch. What’s wrong with you humans?”


Gotta love that sign in front of endless tarmac and concrete… I feel with Big Blue.

Don’t right much nowadays but went out last evening:


The unholycorn is born.

Been waiting couple of years down under for a suitable tyre for the 36” nextie.

Was planning to go tubeless. In the end I didn’t want the added maintenance. This is probably debatable.

Eventually I decided to drill an enlarged shader sized valve hole and fit a tube.

Been at 50psi for a couple of days now and zero concerns of any blow off.

The tyre seated beautifully on the nextie.

The wheel was so light I ended up sorting out an organic lightweight touring bar/brake solution from the KH kit.

Needs some durability testing but I’m happy with the weight without remaking it all from lighter tubing.

7kg on my fishing scale.

It’s been fun testing it so far.

It really wants to go everywhere and fast.

Thanks for looking :wink:


Those stickers on the frame are a bit distracting. Or are they jokes about unicycles? (I guess the one facing towards the front is)

Yes - I do agree. Thanks for the honesty.

Will remove most of them.

Shall get a better photo of it tomorrow outside.

Peace, bliss and safe journey to all.

That is a sharp looking uni!

However, if you really want to go “everywhere” you would likely be better off with a wheel (rim, tire, tube) with more weight rather then less.

A couple of ideas…
No clown
Uni skills
No airbags
Own stunts
Uni ok?

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That’s an interesting idea.

Could you help explain why the weight could benefit me?

My idea was to make this unicycle be more comfortable to manage in tight, undulating off-road bush track situations.

Willingly and with glee I trade my rim/pedal durability for savings on rotational mass and overall weight.

My grips are quite low, not sure if this is good. They don’t allow much relaxation but I’m not one to cycle the longest kms.

Have to take it for a decent ride today and actually see if it performs as I hoped.

The more rotational mass of the wheel has, the more likely it is to roll over bumps, dips, undulations and soft surfaces without stopping the wheel. Unlike a bike, that is kind of important when to going gets tough. Even on normal road riding, a greater rotational mass of the wheel will give a more relaxed ride with less need to correct forward and backward balance.


Understand now. Thanks for the comprehensive explanation Jim.

I will ride it with this is mind now.

At first glance the last picture looks like a giraffe with a very strange saddle / touring bar set up

It’s the Ursli Bar in the long Version. Most of the time I ride Muni and also some Tours until 25 km on Asphalt with is also a good setup for this.

Freewheel evening practice, I love how you can be entertain just by riding it anywhere.


Annual outing to Prosser Lake near Truckee California.


I was jokingly referring to the image of your unicycle up against the sign pole. When you first look at it I’m at a glance it looks like a giraffe unicycle.

Before heading to unicon21, I had a 25km round ride yesterday morning in St. Paul. There was a flood warning before, and some lower trails beside the Mississippi River are still flooded or muddy.


I don’t need any signs telling me what I can or should do!

I maybe should have adhered to the sign…

My last practice before I left for Unicon.


G26 Berd

It’s ACE in high gear. I’m out of practice - two months gap is bad…

(More on Instagram - if you care to see this it’s linked in my profile)