Pictures of your latest ride continued


Yeah !! Really nice ride.

I visited the glorious Hungry Mother State Park today. I try to do the 6 mile lake loop about once a week. Pretty rad trail that has some single-track spots and, being southwest Virginia, some pretty crazy slope and terrain.

Being January in southeastern United States it is pretty dull looking right now, but it was a brisk and fun ride!


Hey, where is this place? And how lucky are you to live there! I’m surprised not more snow at that elevation this time of year :thinking:

Hi, this is in Switzerland and yes you are right, actually I should be skiing there… but over here this winter starts late (at least i hope it really starts…).

And also yes: I am very happy to live here in the alps :heart_eyes:


Still almost no snow in switzerland… nice hike and ride with Team Ursli member and freewheeler Urs Bless:


Amazing pictures from the Alps.
Hope I will get the chance to ride a Uni in a place like that someday :slight_smile:

Here I’m enjoying the mild winter even though it’s a bit wet and grey. It’s about getting outside as soon as its dry and there is still daylight.

(unfortunately I also discovered that the electric fence was still powered even though there are no animals in the enclosing during winter)


Your pictures are unreal. They almost look fake. I mean that as a compliment.


Nah we go the opposite way, the pictures are fake. They were made by big unicycle to sell more unicycled. Resist the fake news! The alps don’t exist, it was made by big mountain to sell more mountain! (Also this is sarcasm)


damn, you got me.

Klass_bill makes those cool unicycle calendars (which are great) but I have often thought i wouldn’t mind a calendar containing only turtle (team Ursli?) pictures honestly Seems like it would be pretty easy to find 12 great ones!
Even a poster image with like 3-4 sort of blended together into 1 collage image or something like that would be really cool. I don’t know enough about photo editing or else I think I would have attempted to make something like that myself to have hanging up in the garage.
Those pictures definitely make me want to visit Switzerland some day too. A lot of it looks a little crazy to ride on for me, but even hiking there would be awesome.


Thanks :heart_eyes:
my pictures for the calendar 2023 were those (none made it in to the calender):

I have a bigger album with not the best, but for me the most important pictures of all my muni projects, rides with my sons, friends, some events I organised and much more…


Nice ,that you have an album with important Muni Pics. I have a Kalender with m’y best Uni Pics of 2021. Thé Calender IS for 2022 but thé pics are so great that you can See a year Lazer again and thé mémoires are great 9f thé pics or Events.

The local golf course and a bit of sun


Just got this beauty!!!


Looks fantastic , The brake cliper bracket welded on the frame looks different and stronger than others ive seen.

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Yeah this wheel feels smooth and solid! Not sure how the brake mounts were from before.

heres picture i found , I did hear there was some issues with the brake tab so maybe yours is a newer improved version.

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Lincolnshire Lake, Tazewell Virginia, USA. It was a very beautiful, peaceful ride. Did two laps totalling about 3 miles/4.8 km.


Ok nice to know i got the new beefed up version :+1: