Pictures of NAUCC 2005

Here’s a link to some pictures of the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention from the TCUC website:

Anyone have anymore, post here please.

Here’s my favorite one of uniprincess and I doing our 2nd place pairs routine;


Another favorite;


One last one of the flaming puck hockey!


Couldn’t resist to put one more of the flaming puck hockey;


man Jamey those those are some sick pics!!!


Thanks, too bad there are no sick pictures of you yet, but some should show up sooner or later…

I enjoyed the pictures on the TCUC website. Looks like a lot of fun.

I actually got a video clip of Zack vs. the dumpster; the try where the dumpster got him back. I’m working on the pictures and will announce when I’ve got them uploaded…

cool can’t wait john!

Later, Zack

Here is one of zack on high jump. It was hard to get a good picture because of the camera delay.

And another one of some trials.

cool pics man… anymore?


Mine are up! Mostly outdoor pictues, as my little camera is poorly suited to the lighting conditions of the gym. Next year I expect to have a camera almost as “pro” as what Bill Gilbertson is using. :slight_smile:

NAUCC 2005:

Remember, you can order prints up to 24 x 36 of anything you like.

Also I have Cedar Point, Detroit, Downieville, our anniversary cruise, and several other albums posted. To see them all, look here:


AWSOME! We can always count on you for good pics john!


John, nice pictures!

Sidenote: I never knew Tom Miller showed up!!! Must’ve been during racing one day cause I never saw him? He always has some interesting stuff…too bad I missed him? Oh well I guess…is he still building unicycles?

Oh yea, Tommmi was there. Let’s just say that until you’ve been chased 100 yards across a school yard by a transsexual with 8 inch finger nails you haven’t lived. :smiley: Tommmi gave me like 10 videos, and wouldn’t let me pay for them. So when I rolled up a bill and handed it to him, he unrolled it and started chasing me to take it back. Some people just can’t stand the thought of having money. :thinking: I wouldn’t take it back so he gave me two blue 24" tires to make it fair in his mind. But to answer your question he is still making unicycles.

What is Ryan Woessner doing in the second picture? Some sort of seat drag body-spin?

I saw him try this at the end of his routine in the Public Show at NAUCC. He did a seat drag and then jumped up, did a 180 with his body and tried to land back on but he couldnt get it. I dont know if he landed it in the individual competition or not, because it happened a day before i got there.

He did not have that in his competition routine and just thought he’d try it/add it to the show just cause he was feeling saucy and it didn’t matter if he landed or not. But in competition it would’ve. I’m sure Ryan will write in response to this if he reads it but I don’t know if he’s actually landed it and rode out of it yet? If he hasn’t, he will in the near future.