Pictures of my new Bedford street BC

Hey everyone,

I just got another cool BC wheel from Darren and it is raining now so I took some pictures of it.

It has an Alex Supra E triple walled rim, LowRider plates and I don’t know what the hub is because there is a sticker over it:)

The whole thing looks very awesome.

It is really cool because the axle hole in the platforms is drilled to fit a flat 14mm axle so my plates will never be able to twist.

Here are some pics…

The pictures are in my gallery also.

nice, how much did it cost you? and i’m surprised you didn’t pick orange:p

yeah that is alot of red looks nice though.


It cost him nothing, darren gave it to him.

I like the slotted idea… but I threw my BC before and the plates didn’t shift.

Maybe I know how to use a wrench?

Well I hope you do. I don’t see how the plates would twist from you throwing it anyway.

Short plates don’t twist like long ones do. When you hop and drop on short plates all your weight goes straight down but with long plates it is distributed around your whole foot. There is also more leverage with the long plates for them to twist. You won’t twist any tight plates from just riding around and doing small stuff anyway.

Yeah, that makes sense. But if you throw it with short plates and the plate hits something… then it’s likely it could twist. By throw I mean I fell off and my foot threw it into the air and the plate hit a pole… was quite spectacular, I’m glad nobody was around to see it. Yeah… I was practicing hopping.


That’th tho thexthy.

That is all.



sweet bc man!

I can’t believe darren finally did the slotted axle idea, that i told him he should do after the first bc i rode. that’s too funny. I wonder if he thought of it on his own, or what his motivation was for finally doing it.

make sure you don’t get lulled into a false sense of security with those slots though, make sure your nuts are always tight, as to avoid over stressing those slots, and rounding them out!


My plates kept twisting and it was annoying me, I was using a flat axle on my trials bc so I suggested it to Darren also. I asked for some plates without holes so I could get the flat axle holes drilled. A little later he said he could drill them for me so I told him where I wanted.

They came out really well, the axle fits in the slotted hole really well so there is little play.
Tomorrow I am going to experiment around with the plates and tires. At the moment I have the slotted ones on my trials bc and my shortened LowRiders on the bmx. I will see which ones I like on each wheel when it stops raining and I can ride.

Hm looks pretty :-p

Looks great.

I never have any problem with the plates twisting once I get it tight (I did once when I first got it though). But… I don’t ride as hard as you I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

then how much would it cost for the non sponsered rider?

This is what it says on Darren’s price list.

I think it would be the pro street but I am not sure. I don’t know the specs on all of them so maybe send Darren and email, he can tell you.

remember, that is candian money

Wow thats weird the 24" is like $100 cheeper! :astonished:

That is a beefy rim, 845 grams, compared to most other Alex rims that are around 600 grams.

The walls are super thick on it too, if you bend that with any less than stomping on it, I will hurt you.

Danscomp says its one of the strongest bmx rims available. There is no way I will be doing any damage to it on a bc wheel.