Pictures of my new 2006 KH 20"!

Here’s my new uni! It’s frickin sweet, I love it.
-JC pedals w/grind plate
-Smiley face valve cap
-Carbon fiber seat
-Initials MJ on it (stands for 4 things, see if you can figure one out)
-All other things are stock KH

that is awesome!

NICE! Where did you get a grind plate that fits on Jimmy c’s? Also, how tal are you??? That post looks even higher than Zack Baldwins!

That looks awesome, I love the smiley face cover thingy.

I had to use a dremmel to cut away the fins inside the pedal to make it fit.

I’m 6’4" and have the longest seat post I have ever seen, and I’ve been unicycling 16 years and been to 15 Nationals and 7 Unicons!! Not that it’s anything special but kinda cool I guess. Only a few people have long enough legs to ride it, although some people can ww or stand up ww on it but can’t pedal. My seat is much much higher than Zacks. In fact my legs are so long that the longest KH seat post was too short for this street uni so I had to buy a rail adaptor and extra long seat post. Luckily I used the one that came on my street for my KH MUni cause it’s just barely tall enough!

Those cranks + yellow pedals look like they just need to be unispunned street style… :slight_smile:

MJ Jamey Mos-something?

Wow, and most people use a low seat for street…

who said it was a street uni?

Ummm… he did.


oh. I thought he did trials.

Ya, I’m loving it. Me and Jon go street/flatland riding once a week and found a good place to do it all winter even if the weathers bad. It’s a covered bridge by the U of M that has like 20+ benches that are perfect for griding. I’m sure you’ll see the place in a video sometime in the near future. I’m learning lots of new street tricks, thanks to Jon teaching me.

So here’s what MJ stands for; Originally it was for Micheal Jordan because I wanted it to jump like Mike! :slight_smile: Also, Mary Jane (aka Marijuana) cause I wanted it to get high! :slight_smile: Then after thinking about it, it occured to me that it’s also initials for Micheal Jackson, so I hope it dances like him, street style. Then, it also occured to me that it’s my initials backwards!

I do both with it, street and trials! And yes the seat is much lower on it than I usually ride freestyle.