Pictures of my MUni

I know some of you will not seem it worthy to take the time to look at
these… but here they are. I am not a good photographer. < > im sorry that some are

    If you look at picture 3 you will see that there is some
    electrical tape down the side to prevent water from getting into
    the cracks between the tubes. you will also notice that it uses
    semcycle XL type bearing holders. Later I may add some pictures of
    my Monty and possibly more of me riding. Remember this is my
    friends web site so don't look around too much. hope you like them
    and there is nothing very impressive.

    -Max A. Dingemans

Re: HOLY ****! I have GOT
to learn how to do that!

Cheers, Graham W. Boyes

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I woke up this morning and felt like a two-year-old. But there wasn’t one
around so I went back to sleep.