pictures of me

Some pictures of me, for a local newspaper, on the first day of the London congestion charge.


Nice photos! Can you feel the faces gallery calling out to you?

I’ve only ridden on roads a few times, it’s not really my thing. My muni ride of last weekend involved a short section on a straight country b-road; I did a couple of hundred metres then gave up and walked. Riding along with cars passing at 60mph plus isn’t all that fun…


Nice pic’s!


Nice work! Is there an article to go with it?


Re: pictures of me

Great quality pictures. Please share the model camera you used. :slight_smile: =
Picture quality was outstanding.

Re. Pictures of me

Very nice Pictures. Good on you.


Oh yeah, I liked your 'larger than a bus photo". I’ve got one of those too, but your bus is bigger than mine!!:slight_smile:


the camera was some kind of high end digital back with a little hard disk in it, not sure which one, but was very nice. I think the pictures came out well because he took about a million pictures, I was riding back and forth over one of the busiest junctions in London for ages.

I presume there’s an article, but I didn’t bother finding out, I was only really interested in the pictures. The article was something about imaginative ways to not have to pay the congestion charge.