Pictures of me Unicycling in DC!

Well…more like pictures of my unicycle in DC since no one went with me, but either way…some of the pictures are really awesome.

Nice pics.

Did you get hassled by the federal or DC cops?


Nope, only remarks I got were “WOOOOOAH a unicycle!” haha.

What were they doing to the satue of Lincoln? It had scaffaling(sp?) all around it.

Now that’s a unicycle tour. Take the unicycle around and get pictures of the unicycle in front of all the sights. :slight_smile:

Maintenance is my guess

haha, yeah. I only bugged people three different times to get a picture of me in front of something. Next time I will try to bring someone so I can get a video of me riding, and more pictures with me in them!

I know they did the same thing at best buy when I just rode on im…

wow that must have been a lot of fun. im sure the tourists were like “ya see honey, thats why i said we shouldnt go out” (and he points at you while youre riding)

Any weekend!

I rode in a Wal Mart once, some guy yelled at me though:(

Washington, DC would be a great place to ride.

It is a great place to ride indeed! I think that the DC area needs another meet, and for that matter a club. Would anyone be interested in joining a club that would meet twice a month or so? I should probably start another post about this.

and Frank, yeah we should ride sometime, hopefully this coming sunday.

dude thats awesome. What size wheel is that, 26? i like your seat

Yuni 29er with miyata seat base, gb4 stiffner plate, gb4 handlebars, air pillow, gemcrest leather seat cover, and a KH rail adapter(miyata style). I like the seat, but i need to put some holes in the leather so I can make it a tighter fit.

messege must be ten charcters

Is no-one else thinking about trials on lincoln? Seriously, from the chair arm, to his left knee, across to his right new and off, great line :smiley:

can you say po’lice?