pictures of dx?

can i see peoples pictures of there torker dx’s. dont ask why, im just a wierdo

My gallery. Ignore the dorky blue pedals…

2005 Dx

Im getting some pictures of mine scanned, then sent to me, so ill post mine up soon

The stuff in the background is more interesting.

Is that a pachinko machine? not sure if a spelled that right, but I have one at my grandpas house, I like them

heres a pic

unicycle 003.jpg

and another :angry:

unicycle 049.jpg

ya, that sucks. ide cry

ive been crying…

Got some of the pictures up, they are in my gallery =p

here a photo of my 20" Torker DX '06 :

my uni and your uni are twins!!!
send it back to torker…they should repair it with minor arguing

My DX with a maxxis hookworm 24"x2.5" tire and the red minimized.

not so easy… i broke it a few months ago and i live in New Zealand. Postage alone would cost more than a new frame (which i bought a few days after snappage)

I might as well post my torker pic here since that’s the subject of this thread!.:slight_smile: