Pictures of cut down seats. Post them here.

So I cut down my seat foam more tonight because I wasn’t happy with it.

I find this to be much more comfortable than what I had before. I seem to sit more on my butt now than before.

This way, it was putting a lot more force onto the painful part of your taint.

Post your cut down seats for everyone to view.

ah…here’s my cut down seat post. It’s not a very good picture of it though. But yeah, they come like 3 ft. too long. Who’s actually tall enouph to fit on one out of the box.

i have a kris holms fusion that is new
iam using a nimbus gel saddle

i really like the nimbus gel
the kris holms fusion is too big

do you know any tutorial to cut foam ?

there are several forums on this, and a few of them provide step-by-steps with large full color photos!

Here is My DX Saddle Mod.

And here are some pics of what I did with the ol’ DX cover. I put it on a Sun saddle and added that LX handle.

Before the handle.

Broken pictures… I guess the gallery is down?

This is why I don’t like the gallery :roll_eyes:

Here they are. DX Saddle.

The other pictures of my Sun saddle with my old DX cover. I put a LX handle on it too.

DX Saddle Side.JPG

DX Saddle Rear.JPG


United Saddle Top Right.JPG

Nice, looks well done.

Man, your’s looks really well done. Prolly more comfortable than mine.

I wrote a tutorial, but I don’t have time to link it right now. I’ll get it up later. If someone wants to be really nice they can link it for me:)

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you keep on cutting ur foam down your unicycle will become a aniuscycle, but i know thats how you like it!! lol

HAHAHA. Good one.

Nice try, it’s tons more comfortable now.

the foam at the back is MASSIVE
and cutting that down doesn’t hurt your but
it doesn’t look any worse
it is all good to cut it down.

I did mine w/ a dremel tool and it owns… sorta
its too soft now
oh well
it happens

Oh man, why didn’t I think of that!

Dremel would do wonders.

only with the correct attatchment, it likes to catch and cut into unwanted areas too
also, cutting out the bottom is much better.

I like the shape of my foam more.

any tutorial?

Seat foam cutting tutorial.