Pictures of Crashed Cokers...

hi All…

Just wonder if anybody have a picture of a Crashed Coker…


Here is a photo of my “crashed” Coker after a ride on Sunday.


It looks so peaceful.

Almost alive … but hey, what is that bulge under the blanket?!

Here’s a thread about probably the most impressive Coker ‘crash’.

Here’s the video.

that buldge under the blanket would be crank and pedals …

Really? I though it was the rim strip for a second. Maybe the seat clamp, but never the pedals.

hmmmmmm thats not what i thought it was… but im not gonna go there…


By not wanting to go there, you went there.:smiley:

Bumping this!

Now someone go wreck your coker and get some pictures up. :stuck_out_tongue:

He means an erection… as in it has a penis and it was thinking about sexual thoughts and got an erection.

I love pointing out the obvious…

Sorry, no pancakes.

Oh no, I can’t accept that…

The link died for the coker crash :frowning:

Right click - save as.

Oooh how cute cause that’s how i looked after my modded coker and unicycles during the freezing cold nights here in Sydney. :smiley:


i’ve been looking for that video of the coker wheel flexing for months. i gave up! ah HAH