Pictures from Trials Competition at JuggleFest

Does anyone who was taking pictures of the Trials Competition at Jugglefest in Austin have any? I want to scrounge some up for memories or something like that.

I have a bunch. I’ll get them up later.


Here they are!

I have videos also that I will eventually make available.

I just want to say that I had a blast. Thank you Duaner and BigWheelTex(AJ) for building everything and planning and setting up all of the trials lines! Thanks also to anyone who helped carry everything in and out of that room.

My photos are of all 3 days. I never met uniac, although we rode together and I took photos of him. Sorry, I never introduced myself.

mscalisi from oakland, california showed up. thanks for taking the pics of the trials comp. i’m glad you got to ride some muni.

and Congrats to MilkParrot! He won the comp!


Thanks for everything Eric! I had a blast. …next time I’ll compete :slight_smile:

Also, Thanks Drew! I had an awesome time tearing up Emma Long with you.

Thanks for getting all the photos up Eric. Labelled also, NICE! :slight_smile:

I have a few videos and tons of photos of the sections. People aren’t riding in the photos, but they’re available.

I’d like to thank my mother and my roommate (who won third) for making this all possible. tears of joy?

Oh, and very good pictures as well. Thanks for being camera responsible, unlike myself. You’re the man, Lancaster.

Thanks for the pictures. That ladder with the wide rungs on one side and narrow rungs on the other is a fantastic idea! Such a simple and solid design.


Great pictures! I wish that I could have been there for the comp, even if I just observed. Maybe I will meet you some other time soon eric.

Congrats MilkParrot!