Pictures from the Pumpkin Fest Parade and the soccer club

The first two pictures posted on the Spectre Soccer Club picture gallery of the Pumpkin Fest Parade are unicycling pictures. In the first picture, Ben has just jumped over a girl in the street on his Monty while the crowd cheers. In the second, there is some big lug riding a Coker.


Quality Coaches, Quality Managment, Quality Soccer

I dont see Quality Players in there…

Great pix Though.

Last Spring season’s quality team MVP is on the Monty unicycle. :slight_smile:


Dang, back when I played soccer all we did was play soccer.

Lucky kids.


Nice pics.
So who is that “lug on the coker”?:stuck_out_tongue:

pix from Pumpkin Fest Parade


Where the heck are the PUMPKINS??? :thinking:

And I thought you were supposed to ride over the girl… like this

Oh, just some nut. I guess that would make me a lug nut, wouldn’t it.


Oh yeah, for our across-the-pond friends, I forgot to mention that Brad’s British soccer coach, Alun Childs, is in the first picture. And for the record, he despises Marmite.


Re: pix from Pumpkin Fest Parade

The pictures were taken just after we turned off the staging road and met the first spectators. We’re heading for the downtown Sycamore area where there were about 10,000 pumpins in the town square.