Pictures from the Long Island Greenbelt Muni Ride

Thank You everyone for attending the 3rd monthly Long Island Muni Ride. For a holiday weekend we had a great turnout. Even the sun came for this one!! We had riders from 4 different states (NY, NJ, CT, PA)

From PA was Nick (UnicyclePA) and his Mom. Nick is an extremely aggressive Muni and Trials rider. And he’s only 15.Great job Nick…Mom ripped up the trails on two wheels for the day…nice job mom!!!

From CT was Dan(DanLee) and Adam Lee, Dan, like Nick, is also an aggressive Trials rider looking to hop more than a bunny can. Adam, his younger brother flew through the trails like a bird on his schwinn 24”. Mom and Dad took a tour of the trails with us and then on their own… Good to have you with us!!!

From NY was Steve(Dogbowl) and his daughter Sophie. This was their first experience in the Muni world and what a performance they both displayed! Good Luck in Paris and we can’t wait to have you both back!!!

From Long Island was our buddy Jeff(Shibumi). This was his last Muni ride on his almost Muni Sun 28”…Next ride he’ll be riding on his new friendly KH29”. We can’t wait to see you get up that big hill now

From NJ was our new friend Gregg(Unipsychler) and author of the book Ride The Unicycle, A Crash Course!..( Gregg, a 32 year veteran of unicycling brought his 20” Muni and displayed some quality skills in the trails. We thank you for making the video as humorous as you did too!!!

Thanks again to my wife Renie for the great food, and for meeting us at the various locations to video us and take the great still shots that everyone took home.

Then we can’t forget Lucy, our four legged daughter who enjoyed licking everyone hello and goodbye. She misses you all!

As a reminder, our rides will be held on the first Saturday of each month at 10:30am. We will send reminders out and look forward to seeing more of you join us……

Just One Wheel, Inc.

Nick (UnicyclePA)

He loves to be airborne! Who can blame him?

3rd li muni ride 002.jpg

Gregg (Unipsychler)

He used to be a distance rider. Now he’s a distance and Muni rider. Twice the workout!!
And he’s not done yet! Great ride.

Jeff (Shibumi)

He flies through the trails with a stock Sun 28”. Imagine what’s possible with his new KH29”.
We’ll find out soon enough.

Hey Adam!
What a GREAT day that was! Thanks to you and Renie for setting the whole thing up and for your groovy hospitality!!

Everyone out there, these trails are AWESOME!! This was my first Muni experience (and Sophie’s too) and we’re totally hooked! Great for beginners (those of you who have wondered what it would be like to try Muni with other unicyclers, but could never find the right situation) and it’s obviously just as great as well for the experienced Muniers as well–lots of hills and obsticles and such. And plenty of places where the roots and stones are JUST RIGHT–I started off hesitating every time I approached a large root, but after a while I was plowing through 'em. As Adam pointed out, Muni helps your riding in general, and I was happy to discover this as I got back to the city, that night, I was riding twice as good. Incredible!

So if there’s anyone out there in the tri-state area who would like to check out a really fun Muni scene in a friendly, relaxed, totally excellent environment with some of the nicest people you are bound to run into, you absolutely have to come to one of these monthly events on Long Island. You won’t regret it!

thanks adam for having us. it was an amazeing ride and i cant wate to come back to do it aghan. next time i hope to see even more people turn out.



I have a few questions. I might be going next month (if there is going to be one next month) I was just wondering, when is it going to be. And also where exactly is it. Hope to see you there-Dan

Great Time

This was the first time I had ever gathered together with other unicyclist and it was awesome. The ride had a great variety of everything and challenged riders of every level. The only regret I have is that me and Adam will not be able to attend next month, because we are going away on vacation, but you can expect to see us in September, can’t wait.


they are the first saterday of the month so august 6th

its at 36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview N.Y. 11803 (adams house) rite across the road from him is the trail

Next Ride

Yes, The next Long Island Muni Ride is
Date: August 6th(Saturday)
Time: 10:30am
Place: 36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview N.Y. 11803
Contact: Adam at (516)702-9807 or cohen(at)justonewheel(dot)com


Glad everyone had a great time! See you all in August. :sunglasses:

Dog Bowl’s 1st Muni ride. A new man!

Who ever knew Unicycling could get any better. (Muni)!

The boys from CT

Dan and Adam Lee, two brothers who know how to ride.:slight_smile:

Don’t forget Mom and Dad

Dan and Adam are very lucky to have a Mom and Dad to drive them out to Long Island for a day of riding.
Don’t worry they were happy touring the trails on their own after leaving us.

Dog Bowl"s Daughter Sofie

First time on the trails but you would never know. As she found out a day on the trails improves your street riding. Great Job!


:sunglasses: I can have FUN as long as i’m on ONE! :sunglasses:

There are few things in life as fun as getting together with other Uni-ticks for an afternoon of quality riding.

Everything was fantastic! Adam and Renie, you guys are the bomb!

I’ve got to tell everyone reading this about the killer hospitality put on by Adam and Renie. When we arrived Adam and Renie served breakfast which included bagels, spreads, coffee, tea and juice. During the ride Renie roamed the trails taking still photographs and video of all the riders as they went by (like she had nothing better to do on a Saturday). When the ride was over Renie presented each rider with 5 or 6 photographs of the rider to take home with him or her. We then sat in their livingroom and watched the video footage of the ride while munching on some of the most delicious fruit I’ve ever had.

The ride itself was chock-full-o different skill levels that would satisfy just about anyone. Needless to say it was a day I won’t soon forget. I look forward with anticipation to next months ride.

Adam & Renie, thanks again for a fabulous day!

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