Pictures from the front line...

Just so everyone knows, this is what your dedicated military is up to overseas while we have some extra time… Or at least what I do anyway…

and this one

and one more… woo hoo

maybe i should start a gallery

Is it worth it, to join the army, for this? :smiley:

Army? I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout no Army… I am Air Force all the way. And is it worth it to be doin’ this over here? Oh yes… How often can you say you offered a Pakistani man who speaks no English the chance the ride a unicycle? Of course he didn’t try though… Just kind of smiled. Winning hearts and minds one at a time…

I see your doing covert operations at nite.
(if anyone asks what your riding, do you have kill them after telling …? :smiley: )

You should get a stealth uni then you could sneak ACROSS the front line. :roll_eyes:

Do you disarm bombs while idleing on your uni or somthing?

I really couldn’t see your phots too well, so I fixed them a bit.

Don’t worry… There are already plans in the works to mount a holster and other various toys on our uni’s… Riding one in a 75 pound bomb suit might also be kind of tough, but it is going to be done.

That looks good!

The third one is the best by far, GO GO slow shutter speed > flash

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: