Pictures from the 10th annual (and possibly final) Moab Munifest

Here are the pictures I took at Moab Munifest 2009. I didn’t take many this year. Hopefully others will post links to more/better pictures.

Anyway, mine are here:

FYI, Sad news for Moab Munifest enthusiasts. At Saturday’s dinner Rolf Thompson announced that this is the last year that he will be organizing MMF.

I would like to personally thank Rolf and his family for the many years of great memories and phenomenal riding opportunities. This year was no exception. It was truly awesome.


Wow, I didn’t expect to hear that news! if it’s really the last year Rolf will be organizing it, what would be the possibility of just picking dates for 2010 and designating it “Moab MUni Roundup”, or something casual along those lines. Then anyone who wants to attend just shows up on the start day, and everybody meets in one spot to determine that day’s ride(s).

It could be an informal deal with no registration or planned dinner; People would eat when and wherever they decided, and we could just keep in fun and informal. Each morning (it could remain a three-day event) we could gather and decide where to ride on that particular day, and even break up into groups like novice, intermediate, advanced, etc.

I’m just wondering if this could work, without any major planning or organization, and just show up to RIDE! Another Idea might be to make it 2-day weekend thing, eliminating Friday, which could be really inconvenient for some people due to work and/or Infamous Friday traffic!

Need organizer

An event such as this needs an organizer to coordinate activities. Without someone taking the lead, the event is doomed.

i think i’m with terry, it could still be an awesome time if someone does not step up as the organizer. that being said, i haven’t been able to make it to any of these events since i started riding. even a more informal setup could be awesome, individuals could arrange smaller events such as rides, compettitions, etc. and those with interest could participate. i don’t think it should be “doomed” if no one feels that they want to take on the responsibility of fully planning such a large event.

nice pics!
I’m not home yet so I can’t upload mine, but there were a few people who took some shots of me dropping off the toilets at the slickrock trail and if you could hook me up with those, that would be sooooo awesome.
thankyousomuch. :slight_smile:

That is how most of the british muni weekends have worked. Basically an ‘organiser’ picks a place to ride, and usually suggests a camp site or similar where people might book in, people sort themselves with accommodation, and then rides are sorted out in the pub or cafe over dinner, or over mobile (cell) phones with people who can’t make the pub. I’ve seen this work fine with 30 - 40 people - but no reason why it shouldn’t scale to larger events.

It is very easy to organise one as long as there are at least two or three people who are sensible and able to lead rides. Particularly, you need to sort someone to lead beginner and slow rides - good riders will sort themselves out with maps and getting to trails.


NOOOOOOOOO! :frowning:

I so wanted to make it to a Moab Muni Festival but you know, life has gotten in the way as late. Anyhow I know I’ll still travel to Moab someday to ride the routes they’ve ridden in festivals past. Even if there is a future, unoffical, gathering I’m still game to show up. A Moab trip is more practical trip for me (right now) than a California Muni Weekend, but I’m dying to do one of those sometime soon (keep them up!). In the meantime I’ll be grinding out some laps at Dirt, Sweat and Gears 12 hour to ease my pain :wink:

I am still stuck in Moab, waiting on a car part.
Could be a lot worse places to have to stay a couple of extra days!
What a great weekend!

A couple of shots for now…

Danger Uni:


Josh and the Pink Pimpus!

I have a bunch more to upload, but here’s a start:

Bummer that this will be the last and that I decided not to go this year. I still remember the 2001 MMF when it was a much smaller event. It was different back then.

me and my brother are going to try and get together with some of the other SLC guys and organize it for next year so no need to worry just yet. also does anybody know who was taking the pictures of the side hops and stuff at the basketball game. i would like those.

Keep the pictures coming guys, I’m loving it.

I really really hope someone else steps up to the plate if Rolf does indeed retire from organizing Moab Munifest… aside from Unicon and a few of the other gatherings this is one of the biggest and I’d really like to be able to attend one day.

I wanna see the total group shot, I regretably wasn in it cause I was late to slickrock thanks to some vandalism done to Jarin’s brother’s car(someone took wire cuters and cut off his valve stem while parked at the slick rock campground sunday morning). It was a great event, just wish I spent more time riding with the group!

heres my vid of the weekend. theres not much muni in it but theres alot of good trials.

MMF 2009 Slideshow

Hey all you MMFers…Moab was great!

Thanks to all of you that contributed to last year’s DVD. It turned out great because of you. I’d like to gather your best photos and do another one for 2009. Please send 5-10 of your best pics to me at within the next week or so. I will give you credit, so let me know how you’d like your name displayed. Thanks so much for your support!

Cody, here’s a group shot for you…


p.s. Who is the one in yellow that went “splat” in the front? Funny! ;o)

Great shots, Bondo! Did I ever talk to you? It would have been nice to “meet” you and know who you are. :slight_smile:

Your first shot is Marcus Hartlein (CA), and the third one is Carl Hoyer (Toronto).

That was me, and they’re downloading now. All shot in RAW, so need processing before they can be posted. It’ll probably take me a little while as I have many projects I have to do first…

ok cool ya i thought that was you but i couldnt remember. send me a pm or something when they are done. i think i am going to use them on my grad. anouncements.

Finished the download from the first camera. I thought the guy in the “safe!” position in front of the group shot might be Maestro8, but he’s one of the yellow jackets on the right. It looks like Mr. face-down is none other than Lloyd Johnson (Truckee, CA)!

UMM…Yes we met, last year and this year. I stayed in the condo’s with you all. (scott and Kim)


Looking forward to YOUR pictures now!

I finally made it home. My rear wheel bearing failed and I almost lost my wheel all-together. They had to order the part and I couldn’t leave till Tuesday at noon. BTW, a great MOAB mechanic is NATION’S towing, service and repair. Fair and honest! They came recommended and held true to their word.

Bondo=Scott? Who knew? I guess you did. :stuck_out_tongue: Wow, we could have swapped stories of being performers and stuff, but I had no idea…

Here a few from the Porcupine Rim Trail.