Pictures for CeHS year book.


jarom stringham (polevaultinunicyclist)

All images photographed by Emily Hopwood.

Looks like you were going for a 900 unispin in the third one :astonished:

not really. just a huge 360 :slight_smile:

And how did you keep the pallets from falling over in the second to last one?

I like the trampoline pic, thats some massive air

how did you find the trampoline,
i tried on a tramp but its really hard.

I like the only one of Jarom, and your regular SIF the best. 2nd up would be the gap from the pallets down, and then 3rd would be the big 360.

you have to do like a suicide mount. or jump off of something onto the trampoline. its tricky at first.