Pictures for a magazine

Hello, all!

I am a writer for the magazine Ink and Fairydust ((The website had a glitch, so its not very fancy at the moment.))

I am going to write an article on unicycling. Just a short two page spread. I’m going to focus on the spot-- describe the various things that can be done on a unicycle. I’ll also spend some time explaining how awesomely cool it is. :slight_smile:

As far as sport goes, is there anything to add to this list? Freestyle, racing, Muni, trials. I once heard that trials and street are different, but I thought they were the same???

Anyway, here is my main question. I would like some good pictures to give the graphics editor to work with. They can be general unicycle pictures, or (preferably) nice photos depicting a move in each of the various unicycling sports.

We won’t be able to pay any royalty, because this is a free magazine. However, I WILL be sure to reference you if you let me use a photo.

I would appreciate any pictures to be sent to me, either via PM or just posted on this thread, as soon as you can. My draft is due this week; I’ll need the photos within two weeks, period.

Thank you very much!

Also let me know if there is anything you feel belongs in a unicyling article. I don’t know much about the history of unicycling, but if YOU know, I’d love to include it.

This are some pics of me… ^^ :slight_smile:

nope… street is doing tricks of sets,grinding,…
trial is hopping on thing… like trial bike :wink:

tim said it best for trials and street:)

brent.jpg trials unicycling

Ask Turtle - he has some great Muni pics.



Does anyone have pictures of freestyle (hopefully a unicycle dancing, or just a very artistic kind of freestyle, or just a picture of a difficult trick) and a streets picture with grinding or flips? That would be much appreciated!

You’re missing long-distance riding/ touring. I might try to dig up some photos but others have come up with way cooler rigs, maybe one of them will post first.

here you go



I have a few more days-- any more pictures, anyone? gets on knees and begs

IF the graphics editor will let me, I want to include pictures of each major aspect of unicycling! (I mean, the major sports)

You could search the threads just for images. Like this search.
Then if you find some you like, PM the original poster asking for permission.

just another trials picture im afraid, you can do whatever you would like to with it though, if you do want it that is (:

there are hundreds of good photos in “pictures of your latest ride” thread…

Got any space for a centrefold?