Picture of me in Denver Post today!

A nice 6 x 8 pic on page B-2 of today’s Denver Post. (10 March 2003).

I was riding around the park on the 9th or March, waiting for my running club to meet and there was a Denver Post photographer taking pics for the next day’s paper. IT was all about being in the right place at the right time. I was riding around the top of the grassy hill in the pic. I’m pretty stoked today!

Lookin’ good, Ed! Hey what kind of shoes are you wearing?

Some Teva hiking shoe… forget the exact name- great gripping sole, open ankle (oh well) Maybe not the best for uni, but nice for all around.

Cool shot. Way to go, Ed.

Great picture Ed,

It’s not just a case of being in the right place at the right time, but one of doing something worthy of a picture in the paper while you’re there.

That’s a very familiar background. I used to own a house just down the street from that view. I’ve logged many one-wheel miles at Washington Park, before the forks came off the unibike. But I never got my picture in the Denver Post.


Looking good Ed!


I’m jealous. I haven’t been out riding in shorts and a t-shirt in many months.

Re: Picture of me in Denver Post today!

That is a cool shot! I take it that day you would ratherbeunicycling;) Hope you have lot’s of copies pasted up around your workplace.


Judging by those buildings, I’d say you’re about 19 stories high. That’s a big unicyclist.


Looks like you’re riding a fat-tire MUni, uphill, on a piece of perfectly flat grass in the middle of the city. A great shot! Interesting juxtaposition of foreground and back. It looks like you were lifted from a mountain or jungle somewhere and dropped in downtown Denver.

Nice Job :smiley: ! Its hard to get into my local newspaper for unicycling, because at least 10 people Uni here, so its not as “Strange”.

Yep, I’m riding the 3.0 Gazz atop a grassy flat top hill. That’s where she had set up shop and asked me to ride around while she took about 100 shots using one of those rapid-fire cameras while I rode around and around as she worked on getting the perfect background. It’s a Denver Paper, not OOW so the flat ride in front of a Denver skyline gets published, understandably.

What isn’t in the picture is the rocky and sometimes sandy trails along the river, the climbs up the hills, and the rocks cemented down around the whitewater park and the big wide steps that are on both sides of the river at the park that all this put together make for fun challenging hour of riding.

I would have stayed longer, but I had to go drink beer then run, and drink beer then run, and drink beer then run with my “drinking with a running problem” club.

Re: Re: Picture of me in Denver Post today!

Speaking of which the photo of you and article published in the Dominion Post has already made it into my workplace’s weekly newsletter. I guess its done the rounds of the Hutt Hospital, too.

This is the best the NZ Herald could do as far as uni pix: [published last Sat]


A friend tracked down the original color shot through a friend who’s spouse works at the Post. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuo62
it’s a huge file, but it prints out and hangs on my wall nicely. :slight_smile:

Re: Picture of me in Denver Post today!

Very nice! I once was in the Denver Post to, but not as big as this one!