picture of innards of gel seat

the black patch is the lovely comfy gel, this is from a Koxx saddle which I over-tightened & snapped the bolts on. now an extra-comfy airseat.


That seems like exactly the wrong spot for extra padding. On my seats, at least, most of the weight is concentrated on the rear of the seat, under your sitting bones where it belongs.

so thats the only spot where the gel is? or is there any under the foam?

Wow, I expected the entire thing to be Gel. What a ripoff. I’ll be going to Walmart instead and modding a gell bike saddle cover.

what is that!!! It looks well crap

if the entire thing was gel, it would lose its structure and you may as well be sitting on a water balloon.
Catboy: why is it a rip-off when the UDC version only costs GB£2.50 more than the standard KH? it’s more than worth the extra cost.
It’s worked very well for me, and my ride time is longer on this type of saddle than KH or viscount.

Who sits on the front half of their seat? I haven’t sat on one of those, so I reserve judgement. But I know my weight is not where that dark rectangle is. I wonder where the design comes from? Did the designers think they were going to cushion somones privates?

Wow, what a strange idea, having the gel bit where more sensitive areas of the anatomy will sit, and normal padding (which is more effective for keeping the weight on the arse bones) on the bit where most of your weight will be. If you use only gel it would spread out so that there would be as much weight on the fleshy soft bits as on the bony bits, which is quite painful.

Blimey, if we keep going at this rate people might get silly ideas about actually trying the thing before passing judgement…


Ive got one, and it is much more comfortable than the kh. thats not to say it seems an odd placement for the gel. anyway the seats are awsome and certainly aren’t a rip off,