Picture: Failed Rolling Hop

T’was a picture taking fest of sheer happiness, using a very expensive digital 4 megapixel camera, I (bagpiperboy) was taking pictures of Jonathan Davis (JonnyD) we were trying to get a succesful picture of him rolling hopping over a basketball, well, you can analyze the photo…

note: the momentum was forward…

bagpiperboy and JonnyD

rolling hop-small.jpg

Wow, what can I say, very impressive!


Pure brilliance!!! I love it.


nice one footer!dude…

4 megapixles?isnt that illegal?

really,i wonder if it make a good poster?hmmm…?

if that basketball was jakked full of air then the danger for ass breaking is greatly amplified.

Notice the BBall compression…


I love the hills in the background.
Do you Uni on them?


Whoa! But it doesn’t look failed to me. Hmmmm, where’s the next pic?

Sadly there wasn’t another picture, but I could post some other attempt shots… yes he did bif it, and got a narly calf burger bruise, it should be hurting him by now. yeah, we do ride on “hills” around our area, but we haven’t ridden on that one yet, but believe me, when I get a MUni, we will!! I think I’ll post some more pictures.
-Jonathan Ware-

this, by the way, is the ever so sweet 4 simultaneous picture function of the camera… mmmmm… simultaneous…


First, I definitely did not ride out of the BBall one. . . hehe

And Second, Those aren’t “Hills” They’re the Wasatch Mountains. Where we are, you have to go about a mile eastward to even see the top of the one right behind us. :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

The best and nearest spot is a canyon just to the right called Corner Canyon.