(pics) Unicycle Jousting and more

I’m in the process of uploading pics and videos from this weekend.

Mojoe came down to Iowa State this weekend for some muni, unicycle jousting, and Weinermobile tagging (see pictures).

After 4 monthes of loyal service my aluminum trials frame bought the farm today, qualifying itself for “stupid light” classification. Prototype #2 will have thicker tubing and probably get the heat treatment that this one didn’t.

Looks like a great time. Sunny day, good friends, pretty college girls all around…hold it, why so many pics of guys on unicycles?

I recognize the shields, what were your jousting poles made of?

The lances were foam water noodles placed over wooden broom sticks. They’re not as gentles as they may sound, I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

The club has a few girls, though none of them got excited about jousting.

Yes, it was an awsome day! The only downside was that I didn’t get video of Geroge braking his frame. We had alot of different kinds of riding; muni, trials, jousting. I managed to mess up the bearings in one of my pedals some how. I tagged the Weinermobile with a MUNI MILITIA sticker, only to find out later, that they peeled it off. The jousting was way cool. While we were jousting, George had them play “We Will Rock You”, by Queen.

cheers… Mojoe

That sounds like an awesome little get together there. I wish I could have come.

And thus proves why Mojoe is the fatefull leader of the Militia, I was so prowd to call my self a Militiaman when I read this.


I’ve been playing around editing the videos we had. I have one here;

I saved it as an mpg, so the file size is smaller,8.5meg, but the quality suffers a little. I was having trouble getting the 27meg avi file to upload.

I tryed using the “We Will Rock You” song, but this song just seemed more appropriate.

cheers… Mojoe

This looks great. I always wanted to joust, but I still haven’t been able to put it together…someday.

I know it’s an experiemntal frame, but this shot looks like a great advertisement for Profile:

Profile: Costs so much, you have to skimp on the little things…like frames!

Profiles: Can be had for $250 shipped once 5 more people cough up some money.