pics of your uni

I know there is probly already a thread like this but im starting a new one so post pics of ur uni, muni or whatever one wheel bike that u most favor :slight_smile:

heres mine
20" summit trials unicycle

FRAME/FORK: 4130 chromoly steel tubing with main-cap bearing housings and flat crown for one-foot skills
HUB: 6061 aluminum alloy, 36-hole, anodized black with chromoly steel 8-spline heat-treated axle
BEARINGS: 20- x 41-mm Sealed bearings
CRANKS: 140-mm hollow tubular chromoly steel with 9/16-inch pedal threads, black
PEDALS: Wellgo pin-style platform pedals with 9/16-inch threads
RIM: Alex DX-32 19-inch black with double-walled rim
SADDLE: Kris Holm
SEATPOST: Chromoly steel black, 27.2-mm x 250-mm (10 inches)
TIRE: 20 x 2.50 trials tire black with schraeder valve
SPOKES: Stainless steel silver-finish 14G with brass nipples
SEAT POST CLAMP: Black alloy BMX style clamp with 2 allen key bolts
WEIGHT: 14 lbs, 14.8 oz.

that’s not a pic, that’s an advertisement.

lol, just to lazy to take my own pic

heres my ride

pain uni.jpg

Here’s me and my Coker.


My new muni - kh saddle, nimbus II, profiles, alex, dyno fireball (currently with gazz 24X3) and my old car also affectionately called “muni”. That’s the tip of my shoe on the lower left side.


I have a picture on my computer, but it’s temporarily destroyed. Don’t ask.
Just picture the crappiest unicycle in the world. Well, maybe a little better than Jagur’s up there. But not by much. Yesterday, the crank fell off. It just, fell. And so now I’ve ordered a new Onza trials uni, and then e-mailed me saying that they just ran out of Onza’s.

Jagur, are you going to let James insult your unicycle like that? Stand up for your uni’s honor!

Unicycle? I thought that Jagur posted a picture of his artsy fruit-dish :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

you guys,stop making fun of my new 29er.your lucky i even posted a picture of it.i was going to wait till it was finished but i figuered “what the heck” i’ll give’em a sneak peek…im going to drill 4 finger holes in the front of the seat so i can hold on while doing big drops.first i have to get some shoes to match those weird style clipless pedals.

That is an AWSOME uni. How much did that cost you and where can i get one?


No pics of me and my uni… so you’ll have to imagine mine too.

Close your eyes and envision a 1970’s 24" cottered Schwinn! Yes, the incredible CACS - Chrome Antique Cottered Schwinn. How’s that for hip, you guys eat your hearts out. --chirokid–

The Unicycle I favour most is the Wilder, it doesn’t have brakes but it has just about everything else. I have a few more pictures in the Gallery.

Heres Jerry Gruss and my new Mod.

Edit: slightly larger than I thought, sorry. I have no editing programs.

It cost about $600 USD, but half of that is the profile hub/crankset. Everything you see (except the car) was purchased from I thought I’d save a little money by buying all the parts of the wheel seperately and building it myself. I was able to assemble all the spokes, but I ended up having a bike shop true it for $25, still cheaper (though maybe not better quality) than buying the profile/alex wheelset from as built by Kovachi.

The frame is just painted with Rustoleum, which doesn’t stick to chrome very well at all. I think I’m gonna try to sandblast the chrome off, or at least rough it up so the paint sticks. You can’t tell from the picture but in black metallic it says “Hell on Wheel” on both forks. When I re-paint it, it’ll fade from yellow to orange to red, complimenting the seat and pedals.

I am extremely happy with it. Unlike other large purchases I’ve made in the past, I have yet to feel an inch of guilt about this one. It’s everything it needs to be and (knock on wood) should last a very long time.

Here’s another picture (with gazz):


Hey Jagur. Your not alone here…Here’s mine but it’s a Planter Stand. I decide to put a Clown on top for decorative my Lounge Room so I can hide that Gas Connector. I got an Air Conditioner in the Lounge Room.




I made it smaller for you. Here it is. Cheers. Download
Irfanview it’s Free.


Now this is my sort of thread…here’s a picture of my custom muni (:)) all set for the 24hr mountain bike race.


Thought I recognise your Uni with your avatar Andrew. Now here’s mine this time taken a few months ago.




I think my KH24 Sig Series uni is one of the most heavily modified out there and for me it’s a pleasure to ride. :smiley:

KH24 Signature Series MUni

Alex DX-32 rim
24" Gazzaloddi tire
Magura hydraulic brake
Delta XT Brake Lever Extender
KH Splined Hub
DM Engineering splined cranks (170mm)
KH Velo Saddle
KH Rail adapter with Brake post
Pyramid Rail-type seat post
Mosh pin pedals