pics of you wearing KH Pulse Gloves

hi i am thinking about buying a pair of pulse gloves. but in the picture (below) they look like they a huge gloves for skiiing. is it just the picture, if you have a picture of yourself wearing your pulses and riding can your be so kind to post the pic.


They are like ski gloves - huge. I’d recommend a pair of Harbinger’s. They offer the same protection, have open fingers, and are cheaper.


does anybody know of a place in Australia that sells harbingers?

I have in fact just started using my KH for skiing. They are great. They are still more like a cross country or bike glove rather than a full downhill type. They would definitely be to hot for unicycling in Australias Summer.

I usually have access to KH Gloves in Australia


I’m sure it depends what type of riding you do, where you do it, etc. But I would think this would be a turn off, not a bonus. Full fingered gloves help when holding the handle or seat (for sif), not to mention the added protection.

I can’t say enough good things about my KH gloves.

the harbingers have half fingers. they’re long enough to eliminate rub on the seat handle, but still open for dexterity or cooling or whatever. Plus, the back panel where you’re not going to hurt yourself is a kind of stretchy mesh.

I used to use the Harbingers but have switched to the KH gloves instead. Even in hot weather, they are not TOO hot and the added protection for the top halves of your fingers is worth it. Buy the KH gloves.

Re: pics of you wearing KH Pulse Gloves

I’m not exactly riding but…


Mine already have holes in them, they are barely used, and never have encountered a crashtest. They would be great winter gloves- super warm. They feel like boxing gloves but you feel so confident in them. Nice gloves, look hardcore, but still get holes. But I still think it was a good purchase.

I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. I think the open fingers allow a better grip on the seat for seat it front, and on the handle.


I like mine, I have crashed in them on my coker and with the foam padding and wrist splints your hands don’t get hurt at all, when I wear them my hands feel hot, but they never actually sweat. With my old full fingered bike gloves my hands would sweat like crazy. My only complaint is that one of the fingertips ripped open but it doesn’t really affect their performance in any way. Also, after wearing them for a while they dont seem so big. I’ll have a video of me doing some Muni in them some time this month.

Re: Re: pics of you wearing KH Pulse Gloves

in your photo they look like riding gloves not boxing gloves. I wouldn’t mine a pair of those. Are they a newer model or what?

Re Kh Pulse gloves looking like ski gloves

They are great for unicycling and …skiing. The pad at the back stops the strap cutting, they make your wrists feel safer and are original (for skiing)

my attched images

kh gloves 006.jpg

another image

kh gloves 005.jpg

I would not characterize them as “ski gloves”, at least not the kind of ski gloves you wear if you grew up skiing in upstate New York, Vermont, and eastern Canada. They’re basically standard bike gloves but with fingers and wrap-around wrist support.

Yeah they’re hot, but over time you get used to that. I wasn’t sure I would, but I own both KH Pulse and the Harbingers, and unless I’m going to be taking a bunch of pictures (where half-fingers are easier) I go with the KH, even when it’s hot. Why? They feel better on the handle. The Harbingers have the metal plate across the palm, which is great when you REALLY need it, but in the way for general riding. Since my riding to UPD ratio is increasing daily, I don’t want to build my glove strategy around a decreasing chance of wipeout.

In June I rode 190 miles on my GB4 36", and all but 20 were with the KH Pulse. In the event of UPD, I’m much more concerned about wrist protection than palm protection.

KH: if economics allow you to do a “Rev 2” on the gloves, please consider an identical setup but with standard bike glove “half fingers”. Bike gloves combined with wrist protection…that’s the thing (in this rank amie’s opinion).

Our temps wouldn’t get that low. Rarely less than -1 or 2.
The KH are replacing a set of 8 YO Solomon CC Gloves. Perfect for the job, but sure they are not extreme Gortext etc gloves.