Pics of my Surly Conundrum Frame and MountainUni rotors

OK, here’s a pic of my 26" conundrum after brycer1968 welded a MountainUni frame tab and I got it powder coated “John Deere” Green :slight_smile:

Both wheel sets are Large Marge rims, the 24" has an IRC Kujo 3.0 tire and the 26" has the Surly Larry tire. Sorry the picture isn’t great, the light was pretty bad and I took it with my iphone :o

I am almost finished building a KH 29-er wheel for road/trail cruising and as soon as I get another rotor for that, I’ll have the trifecta :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope this MountainUni rotor isn’t warped…

I love disk brakes on my unis :slight_smile:

that thing is huge!

Love the colour scheme, I didn’t realize that the SINZ cranks with rotors came with blue anodized bolts.

I have had more wheels than frames for a long time. The main reason I almost stopped using my Maguras is it is a real PITA to move them around whenever you switch wheels, or even try mounting a fat tire. The disk is going to fix all that.

Have you checked the warped rotor to see if there are the same spacers on all the bolts?

It is just a flat chunk of steel, It shouldn’t be too crooked.

Can’t wait to get my rotors, They are still waiting for me at the post office 700km away…

Without any scale to compare it looks like a trials uni with low seat :wink:
And the rotor seems so small on it :slight_smile:

that is sexy!


The rotor should be flat until it is bolted to the crank. If it is warped at that point, it is the pressure from the mounting bolts that are responsible.


It has the same number of spacers on each point and the same number as the rotor on the 26" wheel. I’m going to take it apart and see what I need to do today.

I saw your picture of the disk on the other thread. It certainly looks warped now. I still do not see how it would become so warped during the production, considering they probably started with a flat piece of steel and cut holes in it.

You might place the crank on a flat surface and see if the rotor mounts are all touching the surface at the same time. You could use a feeler gauge to judge the flatness of the crank mounts (if you have a really flat surface.) Good flat surfaces might include granite counter tops and especially thick sheets of glass.


I don’t really think it was warped during production, probably after or during transit; unless the piece of metal it was cut from was warped. The sinz cranks are straight, the mounting areas are perfect, I checked them with various levels and micro-gauges. The bend in the rotor is at the circumference, the middle, where the holes to mount them to the cranks is dead on, it’s the last couple of inches where the holes are drilled in the rotor that’s bent.


It looks like you need a new disk. Fortunately the Mountain Uni people are being good about it. Let us know how it goes when you replace it.


Mountainuni Brake Pioneer

I see the Bend for sure! That was absolutely a USPS stomping exercise. The rotors come from the fabricator in a short and very flat stack. Absolutely a Warranty Tirving. You’re a Mountainuni Gear pioneer and we’ll take care of you. E-mail coming your way. As we grow, we also learn to pack and ship in air pillows at minimum.

The Conundrum is Huge, and looks great complimented with the Brake! Thanks for posting and we’ll get the rotor to you ASAP.

Awesome… Looking forward to having a 3 wheel set :slight_smile:

What is the weight difference between that an maggies?

Tough to Quantify

Tough to quantify KnoxUni. You’d have to include a set of cranks into the mix. Aluminum Crank spider & Larm, Steel Rotor, Alloy CRB’s, brake caliper. We haven’t had a gram scale handy to weigh all components collectively as a package. Kind of an “is what it is”, and not really focused on the weight differential from a Maggie, but I will “weigh” back in for the inquiring minds’ Question posed. :slight_smile:

I sold my KH Cranks and maggies so I really don’t know. The Sinz cranks seem a good deal lighter than KH moment cranks, the caliper and lever seem lighter than maggies, mounting hardware and pads… That leaves the rotor… The uni doesn’t feel heavier at all.

If you are talking weight, how much does the Larry tire weigh? It looks like a monster, but most Muni tires pack a lot of rubber.


If you want to make that information useful to weight weenies, you could could compare it to sets of mags with popular crank brands and sizes.

Tirving your new uni setup looks sweet!! And I’m enjoying your uni leftovers every day :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not really talking about weight, it’s not much of an issue for me; if it were, I wouldn’t have a surly conundrum with a large marge rim :smiley:

The Larry feels about the same weight as my arrow racing prime wide 26" 3.0 tire, I believe the surly tube is lighter than a lot of DH 3.0 tubes so I’d say the combo is probably on par with a lot of 3.0 DH tube and tire combos. For me, it’s well worth it, I think I am going to build a lightweight 26" Muni wheel set… I may even build it with a Schlumpf hub. I’m not sure, I will have a lightweight-ish 29-er wheel that fits in my surly frame but I may want a super light 26" wheel/ tire set for more technical xc rides.

You have to remember the Maggie mounting hardware and bolts, I should have w sighed it befre I sold my other crams and brakes :slight_smile:

Are there people worried about the weight anyways if they’re getting disk brakes? Doesn’t seem like a disk brake system would be THAT much of a weight difference. And if it were slightly heavier, I don’t think it should matter, since comparing weight doesn’t factor in the specific advantages of disk brakes over a less effective system.

If you want disk brakes you get disk brakes right? I don’t see the point in comparing weight, if you are worried about the weight then have no brakes!

It’s a useless comparison when they are completely different types of items. “How much to KH cranks weigh? Oh that’s too heavy, I’ll use the Qu-Ax lightweight cranks for my trials uni” It just doesn’t make sense…

“How much does that road bike weigh? Oh that’s too heavy, I’ll ride a big wheel instead”