pics of my '06 DX w/new cranks

Heres are pics of my '06 torker dx 24" with new redline proline 175mm cranks just installed. notice the pic showing the “Q-factor”, or offset. I kinda like this because although it’s not too radically angled, it does put my ankle out of range of hitting the hub! Ouch!:smiley:



Those look great. Ridden it much? What do you think about them?

And, how much are they? I’m very interested in geting some…

those look hugely long…

just curious, why’d you go so long?
why not 160s??-165s??

I think the redlines he got were 175mm, its the shortest they come and are the only other cranks which will fit on the DX beside the stock 150s

yes, only 175’s available, but that’s what I wanted anyway because even these cranks are only about 7/8" longer than the 152’s, and I want the added leverage for Moab! They cost less than most of the replacement cranks sold on UDC. These were $86 from I figured 160’s or even 165’s would not give me the leverage I needed. And the highest priced Munis on UDC come with only TWO crank lengths: 170 or 175!

i like it…its very nice lookin. have you done any hardcore riding offroad with it yet?

I plan on riding my usual offroad trail tomorow. It’s in a hilly area so there plenty of ups and downs to see how these cranks perform. I did ride it a bit in my front yard late today, and I will say that although I can definitely feel the increased leverage, it still seems that I can still get up to decent speed without pedalling much faster than before. I think the 175’s will also negate the need for brakes, since I will be going a little slower anyway, plus the longer cranks will make it much easier to put back pressure for slowing down. In any case, I plan on bringing both sizes with me to…(you know where!)

hey are you doing with the old cranks? are you selling them? (if you are i might be interested):wink:

are those normal bmx cranks ? ? if they rnt, i didnt know redline made uni parts :thinking:

and if they r, i didnt know u could fit bmx cranks to uni hubs :thinking:

ahahaa i havent researched into this part of uni’s enuff to know

Awesome, i have exactly the same cranks and wheel, but different uni, they rock hey?
and do u do tricks to?
i would leave a privated message, but i have no idea how
heheh, sigh

That looks wayyyy better than those red cranks. I think red cranks are ugly.

Actually, they ARE bmx cranks, (hence the slight offset, which I like!)but according to Torker USA, these are the ONLY alternate cranks (so far) That will fit the “proprietary” 10 splined hub/axle ofthe Torker DX Unicycle. There are other 10 spliners out there, but I guess the Redline Proline are the right match:D -which is AOK with me cause they’re nice, and yes, I do like the black better than red, but hey…you can alway paint 'em, right?

Big cranks dude

I have 175’s on my Profile 26" Muni.

I rode my uni with the 175’s today and to be honest, I did not notice a big difference, either in speed or ease of climbing from the standard 152’s. So that tells me that just making a jump from 152’s to, say 160’s would really be marginal. I figured as as long as I’m spending the money, I might as well get as much leverage as possible. Again, it doesn’t seem like I’m spinning that much faster at the same speed using the longer cranks, but the added leverage does help the climbing.