pics of kh/schlumpf hub

I just went on Schlumpf’s site and saw that he had some pics and specs up about the KH/Schlumpf geared hub. I don’t think that this has been posted on the board before, so if you are like me you will be excited to see these pics!

Wow shifting on the fly, I wanna try that!

that’s one sexy hub. I don’t doubt it’ll be running over 2k$ though - all the parts inside at the quantites produced aren’t cheap…

the knurled surface on the left bearing sounds like an awesome idea, no torque arm necessary. I would want to use that hub in an aluminum frame though so the bearing holders are softer than the bearing surface.

Good thing KH frames are aluminum :slight_smile:

I remember Kris saying something about improving manufacturing efficiency, so it MAY be cheaper. (I’m hoping!)

Looks like the bearings are a smaller OD with a sizer/shim on them to get to the 42mm OD. That makes the business part of the bearing thinner.

I’m assuming the thinner bearings are holding up OK to Kris’ use so it’s not going to be a problem. But thinner bearings do make me worry about shorter bearing life and more frequent bearing changes.

Is the sizer/shim over the bearings pressed on? That would be some extra bother for bearing changes (one more thing to extract the bearings from).

Minor complaints and petty observations. I’m sure it’s going to be all good.

Also check out the dual-drilled cranks under the “price list” tab on the upper right:

umm, those have been available for quite a while from UDC

I seem to remember, though don’t quote me, that there are actually two bearings inside each bearing cover, making it supposedly stronger and more long lasting than the single bearing of a KH. There is certainly something wide going on inside those covers.

It looks like they’re held in with a circlip, so you’d need circlip pliers to get them out.


how do you shift?

Kick the buttons on the ends of the hub with your heel. The buttons are located where the cranks go on the hub.

This is under the standard hub.
Price (including crankarms):
CHF 1’056.- / € 660.- / $ 918.-

Is this right? Under a grand USD!!!

wow that looks sweet. i’d like to ride it, but i dont think ill be buying it anytime time soon.

fantastic for street riding! i dont do any(many) jumps over 1.5m so thats no problem, and i weigh heaps less than kris so i could do bigger. its great that you can now ride a 20 inch for street and trials yet still be able to move quickly when you need to because there have been so many times when i havent been let on a bus because of my uni so i ended up having to ride home. yay. also great if you need to ride to a skate park etc.

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I don’t know why, Joe, I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

Justin is geeking out about this here hub.

Bloody good idea…unless they do deny you. then your f*****

I carry a hand pump with me.

haha it says: …We allow jumps up to 1.5m (6"). Obvious typo.