Pics in the snow


We got our first (and most likely only) snow fall last night, so today my dad and I went riding in it! :slight_smile:

It was great fun.

Please post links to your ‘unicycling in snow’ pics in this thread!

Mine are here

I was also trying to skid. I did good forwards on, but found it much easier to do side skids. A clip here of it.

I love the snow!


that’s a cool skid vid (RHYME). It hasn’t snowed enough here yet.
Yesterday and the day before it was raining, but that never stopped us from uniing. Of course, today is the day that I don’t have time to go unicycle but the sun’s out and it looks totally awesome. DARNIT.

Two more days until I can break out my Unistar TX 5 footer.

I hope to have some snow bound giraffe pics soon.

Giraffe in the snow - awsome!

I got a 6ft DM last year - but the snow came before christmas day.

Never really thought of giraffing in the snow… I just gad my Muni and go out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: Pics in the snow

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>Please post links to your ‘unicycling in snow’ pics in this thread!

Plain snow riding (last winter), nothing special,

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Hey Klaas,

Nice pics.

Riding in snow is nothing special (or hard), like you said, but it is nice to see people enjoying it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeeeeeeeeeeay We have got snow in the Netherlands:D:D:D. Not much. But there is snow. The big problem: I don’t know if I had cycle today more in the snow or in the mud.

I want a lot of snow. So much that you have te leave your house from the roof. Thats snow.:stuck_out_tongue:


My online winter unicycling pics:

More winter shots:

To me, snow riding is both special and hard. We don’t get snow in town, because New Plymouth is right next to the sea, but we get snow on our Mountain. I have been up to the Skifields twice on my MUni. I was doing more falling off than I was riding, but it was a lot of fun, and it gave me an awesome sensation of going faster than I was pedalling (due to constant sliding). I got Ben to take a couple of pictures of me, but I forgot to get pictures of riding. We got a bunch of video footage the second time, but it was when I still suffered a bit from my sprained ankle and I wasn’t totally committed, and I sucked. The best footage of the day would have been coming back down the mountain chase-cam, but I pressed the wrong button and it recorded onto the memory stick (instead of the tape) and ran out of space.

snow ride.jpg