Picking up the new Uni on friday.

well i just bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and order a new Uni.

Ordered a KH20…i got it with 127mm cranks, hopefully that was a good idea, i have read the arguments for and against small cranks…so hopefully it goes well. Maybe i should of gone with the 140s…HMMM

Well i pick it up from Uni.com on friday (I live about 20 minutes away)

I’m excited about my new pretty Blue unicycle. Its not the 2006 frame :frowning: they said they aren’t expecting the 06 till august.


if you ride street then the 127s were a good idea for more speed. if you ride trials the 140s would have been a much better idea but the 127s will work ok. but congrats the waiting sucks dosnt it…so close but yet so far.

127s all the way!!! go 127!
thats a hot uni, i hope i order mine before august, i dont like the new frames

if you’re not sure, then 127 was a good idea. 140 is only for serious trials on a 20".