Picking up small objects

When I was in my early teens I could pick up a tennis ball; however, now it
seems nearly impossible. Maybe if I take off my seat post extension I will be
successful. Any thoughts.

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This thread hasn’t been replied to in 13 years. wow. that’s crazy.

(I was bored, sorry)

shouldnt you be out practicing instead of diging up old useless threads??? hahaha…what am i saying, you dont need pratice…you need to let people like me catch up.

What a good time to resurrect it!

I wonder how old Rusty is now? 40 something?

im bored too.

“My kid was crushed when he realized that learning to ride wasn’t an
instantaneous thing. He has recovered and is already mounting the uni
with no backing for the tire while holding my right hand.”

Whoever it is he/she has a kid boy…