Pic...so you can see how small 102mm actually is

This is a good pic to really appreciate how short these things are!

They be tiny!


yep there that p.o.s. crap puller right there! hey ho give it throw…

Like I mentioned in the other post, for bikes, which this was designed for, it’s fantastic.

Hey I like the blue rubber cover on the crank! Why’d you leave the puller underneath it though? And what’s that threaded hole in the puller handle for? Do you attach a rope there for pulling hard? I thought 102s would be shorter than the puller!

and so on…

That’s the same puller I have. So far I think it’s great; however, it is a pain when you remove smaller cranks. I haven’t had any trouble with it. Of course there was that one time… but that was my fault.


Thanks for the pic. That’s the crank puller we use at the shop so I can really imagine how tiny those cranks are.


Sofa, how can you really get up speed with these short pals? Don’t your legs just get going beyond control, spinning like crazy?
There must be a point where you’d actually be able to go faster with longer cranks given that you can keep the spin going without losing control and therefore work up to a higher speed for a longer time than with very short cranks.

I don’t have first hand experience as I haven’t riden anything with shorter than 127’s but just wondering…


Gosh! They’re massive ;0)

I’ve only been able to ride in the snow so far with them, so I can’t tell for sure. I did notice, however, that your legs barely move. It doesn’t seem like I will be spinning out of control, but time will tell :slight_smile:

know what kinda puller works great? that blue one with the blue handle thing thrown away and a big bolt in replacement. we’ve been using one for the last 22 years and it still works great. no pedal detachment needed.