pic of brakes on your kh24?

That’s pretty hardcore, not to mention incredibly awesome. I haven’t found much of a need for a brake on my KH24, but then again maybe I’m just on the wrong trails :wink:

A brake on th KH24 is very useful, it allows you to go so much faster for less effort down hill, I use mine for pretty much every hill i come to now.

shabby, any details about how you modified the hub? Presumably to fit in the standard KH frame you has to narrow the distance between the flanges, or is the hub normal width and the frame wider?

i’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Your slave cylanders are sliding around on the mounts? or the breaks aren’t powerfull enough?

when you set up your slaves, you have to have split end of the rubber grommet rotated to be even with the split in the mounts. you want to adjust the pad wear dial all the way out, then set them up close, and square to the rim with an even distance on each side. once you tighten all the down, use the pad wear dial to fine tune the pad distance.

I will try and post some more detailed pics this weekend. I am at work and cannot spend alot of time on it now. I simply made a ring with 12 holes in it. Six holes secure it to the hub which only modification was drilling and tapping 6 holes in it and the other 6 are for the rotor. I made new bearing holders that completely hold the bearings on the sides and shimmed out the bearings a little. The bearings are actually not 100% on the bearing support of the axle. The bearing holders help maintain alignment and add strength to the whole assembly.

I hope this helps for now. Shabby.