pic of brakes on your kh24?

anyone got a pic of your kh24 with brakes on?

{for Sale} 2005 kh muni im pretty sure that this thread has what your looking for.



what brake you got on that pdc?

That’s a Magura HS33 with steel braided hoses.

pdc, just put maguras on my KH24, im having problems with adjustment, either they’re so close that i get wheel rub just mounting or cornering hard, or they’re so far away i have to pull the lever right up before i actually get any braking. How are yours set? Did you ever get the wheel re-trued after ridng initially? I’m wondering if now ive bedded the wheel in it flexes more than normal because it hasn’t been re-trued.

what is the holes on top of the frame for? :roll_eyes:

The ‘noodles’ as i believe they were called are small protrusions to help with grip during one foot tricks. I believe they’re being replaced by a knurled crown surface in ther next generation of frames.

those a lanyard loops, you can put your house keys or even attach a pocket knife to them. pretty cool eh?

Haha funny but I think I will try that later this day.

My wheel was pretty true out of the box and has stayed so. It was however out of round. When it gets out of true I will rework it and get right. The factory wheel builds are less than great. I haven’t had any problems with rub under any conditions. You probably need your wheel trued and retensioned.

i got some of them brakes but they don’t bite hold with the clamps, i doing sommat wrong?

Do you have the black resin rings that go betwen the slave cylinders and the clamps in place? If not the cylinders will hang loosely in the mounts.

they come with the brake set from uni.com?

get steal braded hoses. i made the mistake of going cheep and the cross-over would barely clear a 3.0 plus it sprung a leek.

if you gunna git er dun git er dun rite

dont cheep out

Shimano full hydraulic disks with 8" rotor. I had to use an 8" rotor so that the caliper body would clear the spokes. A single piston would have solved that problem but I did not like any that were on the market at the time. I use a normal brake lever mounted sideways with a little modification and activate it with my thumb.


Shaweeet! How well does that disc work?

Rock on!

It works great. The problem is I do not really need it in my everyday riding, I just wanted to make it. As a result, I don’t get the chance to practice using it as much as I would.

aney other pics? or some more info that pic looka a little weird