Phthoruth: "St Edwards"

Muni at St Edwards, with Bruce Dawson

A number of firsts for me
-first ride in Seattle
-first film edited on Mac (iMovieHD)
-first muni ride since tearing MCL
-first ride with Bruce. We used to work together many years ago.

Bruce is a serious coker rider, and it showed in his muni style.
He rolls everything, and did one log fast enough to get some air.
And goes up and down slopes I wouldnt have thought possible.
You cant really tell in the video of course. Perhaps I should bring an angle measuring device of some sort?

Superfluous effects just to get used to what iMovie can do. And I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off, once they’re on!

Sorry the camera jitters… I lost mine at the last vanuni ride, and am using my wife’s cheap on. Need to get a good one.
Bruce suggested Canon VIXIA HG21. But one review said its stores everything in interlaced formats. And I’d be afraid the HDD would crash, when I do, in muni.

Fullscreen capture 2242009 120835 PM.jpg

St. Edward is a fun place to ride. When you ride there more you’ll find that all of the slopes and trails are rideable. The uphills and downhills on the main trails are all possible on a unicycle. There’s one downhill in the back area of St. Eds (in a gully) that is crazy steep (there’s steps cut in the slope so you can walk up it) and I’m too chicken to ever try riding down it. But other than that, it’s all rideable.

Yeah those climbs looked pretty steep, but hard to tell since video flattens everything.

You could make a cheep slope gauge w/ two rulers, a level and a trigonometric calculator. Cross them @ 90 deg. making sure the horizontal ruler is level. Divide the height by how far till the horiz. ruler hits the ground and take the tangent of that.

How’s the knee feel? Is it 100% now?

I guess if regular stairs are possible, dirt stairs should be.
The famous John Childs is in Seattle eh?! Hopefully we’ll see you out for a ride sometime.

I was thinking a device that could be shown on camera. Like a plumb bob:

The knees still a bit weak, but the brace helps.
I can do gaps, drops etc about 70% of what I should be able to.
At the playground I did a 3ft drop no problem.
I’m a bit nervous to find out what happens if I do a 5 ft drop?
And its the weirdest thing, but I can’t one foot ride.

You could get this or make something similar.

ya, that would be about right. Except we’ll need more than 45 degrees :slight_smile: